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  • Good morning was just inquiring what was your take on the video.
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    Hank Outdoors
    Just to step in here...I know Michael is swamped with the Forum upgrades right now. As I told you, I will let you know as soon as I get something from him. Thanks!
    Hey guys! I hope to review this a bit later today!
    How do I view a conversation? I have received email notifications, but am unable to see message in order to reply?
    Good afternoon, I am having trouble with the authentication code. I keep getting an error message and can not get registered. I am very untechnical so that does not help me. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Joel
    Michael, thank you for building such a great community. Is there a way to order a second badge would like to have one on both sides of my rig.

    Thank you,
    ( DollytheFJ)
    Michael. It was randomly fantastic to finally meet you and Miguel at the water crossing in Afton Canyon. I’m still drying out my interior! The bow wave in my drone shot is just nuts. Hope you had some fun and your rig didn’t get too soaked.

    Hey curious what shop ran the wires to the back of your rig in the ‘Power in the Back’ video? I’m local and looking to have something similar done.
    Thanks for the intro message! im trying to add the membership to purchase and its not letting me. Can you PM with further help please and thanks.
    I had the same problem; ended up using my phone, worked fine. Not the answer but it accomplished the task.

    Thank you for the introduction. My friend and I bought memberships at the same time but are having problems activating it. Not sure if this is the right place as I’m not technologically smart haha
    Michael, have a question hope its not to dumb. my wife and I are looking to buy the new sweatshirt and wanting to know if its ok that we add some to them (we know someone that will add to them if its ok with you all) we are looking to add the logo on the back bigger and OB# down a sleeve. it will be in the same yellow color and will stick to the same as the logo. Thanks Jeff OB#5142
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