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    Relocated to Denver, CO.

    Relocated to Denver, CO.
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    El Paso 915 Overland

    Hey thanks, man! Really appreciate the insight. Yeah, I got to get out there and do this run. I’d like to do it in spring, but I may entertain the idea this fall. Haha, Blanco knows a good thing when it comes. Cheers, mate!
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    El Paso 915 Overland

    Man, that’s looks awesome! Thanks for the coordinates and the trip log. Looks like a great trail run. Looks like Blanco celebrated his 8th with some adventure and excitement, haha. That flat tire looks rough, was the trail that rugged? Was that near the lava fields I’ve read about?
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    New to camping, new to off-roading, total noob with a Sub(aru). SE Wisconsin

    Greetings from California and welcome to the crew! Love to see another Forester on the feed.
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    Subaru Forester Build

    @IceBear505 I think the new Wilderness edition’s come stock with Falken Wildpeak A/T Trails.
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    Subaru Forester Build

    @dennisblass thanks! It’s been real slow for me as of late due to external forces. I’m hoping to start getting in some more mods this year.
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    Nature Photos

    Muddy Mtns Wilderness, NV.
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    Tailgate Capsule Tent

    I have zero expectations. More curious about their successes and failures. I’m new to this concept so just trying to get an understanding of their limitations and optimal uses.
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    Tailgate Capsule Tent Interesting concept design here. It is on sale right now for 299.99$. Any users out there able to provide feedback?
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    Falken Wildpeak Tires

    I run A/T Trails on my 2018 Forester and they have been fantastic. I’ve put about 15k+ on them and tread looks like it could go another 15k. I have not noticed slippage and I agree with others that they are pretty quiet. With that said, I am a newbie to off highway/road driving and these are my...
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    OB Approved How to make a great fire starter

    I know it’s been posted already, but cotton balls coated with petroleum jelly have been solid for me. Compact and effective, and they surprisingly burn for a good minute.
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    Subaru Crosstrek

    Primitive Off-road offers a lot of stuff for Subarus. They have a triple armor discount when you buy their skid, transmission, and rear diff plate. Rallitek and Ironman 4x4 are others as well.
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    Various locations: CA, UT, TX
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    What is your go too overlanding photography kit/setup? What is in your Camera bag?

    @photosubieoverland before I “downsized” I use to run a Mamiya RB67. I had a 90mm & 127mm. I loved that camera, but the hulk-like size just got to be too cumbersome on trips. My Pentax is by no means small, but being able to hand hold shots on the fly is massive. Regardless, I always love seeing...
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    Camping Whisk(e)y?

    I was recently in the TX visiting family and my brother-in-law gifted a bottle of Garrison Brothers TX bourbon whiskey. I enjoyed it on my way home through Big Bend, Lincoln NF, and AZ. I was pleasantly impressed! Very smooth and flavorful. (Image taken from website.)