Roof top tent

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I have the Nomadic 4 from OVS (manufactured by the same Chinese company that does most RTTs), this is a smaller and cheaper RTT they offer.

The used market is nuts and even a lot of the new market is nuts with price markups due to low inventory. Sometimes you'll find some good deals in the for sale section here on the forums as well, but at $1,000 or less for an RTT you'll probably have to take what you can get (and the RTT I linked won't be in stock until next month).


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Hey I'm new to this. But I'm looking for a roof top tent on the cheaper side, preferably under 1000.

Any recommendations?

I bought my hardshell RTT used--like new but used on only one father-son trip--for about half price almost four years ago.

The deals are out there, but you may have to search a good bit and be willing to drive a ways to get it. You can also do a search for "rooftops tents under 1000" and see several.

** Before you get one, though, it'll pay to research more about the different types and determine what fits your style more; soft shell, hard shell, hybrid fold out, etc.

There are a ton of threads here on how folks perceive the pros and cons of different types of RTTs. Lots of threads on heat and cooling, too.

Here's a post I made in such a thread, with what I consider to be the benefits of my hardshell RTT, based on experience of over 600 nights out in all kinds of weather and situations:

Here are several more you may find helpful; all of which talk about rooftop tents and various types:

Soft shell, hard shell or ground tent?

Rooftop Tent Camping - has several opinions on RTT, ground tents, why, etc:

Eight pages of Roof Top Tent or Ground Tent:

Nine pages of Rooftop Tent, Yay or Nay. OP asks who switched from RTT to ground tent, or vice versa, why, and if RTT are just gimmicks:

Ten pages of "What is your preferred shelter? Rooftop Tent vs Ground Tent vs etc...

You will also get better response when you post questions like this in the different sub-forums instead of "New Members Start Here." There are subforums for all sorts of things; Gear, Rigs, and Q&A subforums on all sorts of things, too.

Good luck, hope you find just the right one at just the right price.

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Hey I'm new to this. But I'm looking for a roof top tent on the cheaper side, preferably under 1000.

Any recommendations?
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