DIY folks? what have you used for drawer sliders!? | OVERLAND BOUND COMMUNITY

DIY folks? what have you used for drawer sliders!?

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Are there any heavy duty locking drawer slides that would also let me remove the drawer from the cabinet easily?

I'm going to build drawers fro my Jeep JLU and want to be able to use the lower tub space under the frisge/drawers. It'll be lesser used items, but I figure if I could pop the bottom drawer off, I'd still have access to the space. Here's a Pic of the base I already built for the fridge slide and tie downs for tubs (to be replaced with cabinet and drawers on top of this).
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The Vevor slides I used do come out. A little tricky until you get used to the spring lock.

That said, depending on how you're building, you could create a hinge so you could just tilt the whole thing up to access.