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  1. Eventyr_jt

    Spare tire carrier

    I need some help with a unique problem and hoped some of you might have a workable solution… My rig is a 2021 Jeep Gladiator Willys with stock 255/75R17 MT tires. I have a soft top and a Softopper over the bed - no racks. I just replaced the factory plastic bumper with a steel, slim, high...
  2. G

    Have you seen this documentary? Trails are being closed!

    Just saw this documentary, From The Ground Up: Keeping The Desert Clean, dropped on Youtube. It's about how trails and public land is being closed due to trash out west. Crazy to see what people are doing instead of packing it in and packing it out. If you have time to watch, check it out!
  3. A

    Best Cars for Rooftop Tents

    Hi there, My partner and I are looking to purchase a vehicle to go with our rooftop tent setup. The rooftop tent is the clam style tent from campers world and weighs 121 pounds. I'm looking at purchasing a Jeep Cherokee (2009 or older) with yakima cross bars to support the tent. Would this work...
  4. M


    Selling my 2017 Toyota 4Runner Off-Road Premium with KDSS. I am the second owner and have taken excellent care of the vehicle. I had plans to build into overland vehicle but am shifting priorities. Clean title in hand. 44k miles. Asking $42,000. Standard features: - Kinetic Dynamic Suspension...
  5. Ceg

    US Northwest Tampico 4x4 Meet & Greet

    TAMPICO 4×4 MEET & GREET Hosted by Freakshow Motorsport & Eastern Washington Expeditions 1 PM to 4 PM Saturday April 22nd, 2022 View Rally Point
  6. killallninjas

    US Southeast Kentucky Adventure Tour (KAT) and Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway (DBBB)

    Here are some dash cam videos of a small section of the KAT/DBBB near Slade, KY. Pumpkin Hollow Road (KAT/DBBB)-- clockwise Spaas Creek Road (KAT/DBBB)-- clockwise Mountain Springs Road and Furnace Pilot Road (DBBB)-- counter clockwise
  7. Inca4x4

    Jeep Gladiator Launch Ed 70k miles Go Fast Camper JCR dual swing out tire carrier

    Hey Guys so my launch edition rubicon has over 70k miles. I just went to Montana from Atlanta to pick up my Go Fast camper. My JCR swing out bumper shipped out and will be installed soon. I have new fox Reservoir and EVO springs. No issues with this vehicle just routine maintenance. If you want...
  8. Eventyr_jt

    Jeep Gladiator 2021: Build and Trip Reports

    Hey everyone! I wanted to use this first post in the thread to introduce Eventyr, my 2021 Jeep Gladiator Willys. The photo below is from April when I brought Eventyr home - all shiny and new! Eventyr is Norwegian for Adventure - and that is what this Jeep is made for: getting outside, getting...
  9. Robert OB 33/48

    Cancelled Pentecost weekend Trip

    Together with Jordan of ALNSM Overland we are planning to head out and doing a trip. No idea what the track is and what it can trow at us. But that should be the fun part of it. View Rally Point
  10. Jk.Overland

    simple kitchen ideas

    I am still building out my rig and I need a kitchen idea. I need it small, easy to breakdown or pack away, and preferably not a permanent fixture in my jeep. - I still use my jeep as my daily driver so it cant be always in there - When doing on a trip the back seat will come out so that space...
  11. b0wfin

    First Hondas to Summit Imogene Pass Colorado 13,114ft???

    Imogene Pass Report: Our group consisted of two Pilots, a Ridgeline (=AZXnUasgwHCWI36y895P16KHoIa0QsPbF7EuwRF7xPIOHiC3MHaFZ-L7TpI36ysOIIWr7msTjd2oSj2s1FzUTq6nUxZzE6uJaaORoEK49oy6mTqzPEp3Hb2Zx8j1fxWVCmk&tn=*NK-R']#nolodesigns), a Passport...
  12. b0wfin

    First Hondas to Summit Imogene Pass??? Colorado 13,114ft

    Imogene Pass Report: Our group consisted of two Pilots, a Ridgeline (=AZXnUasgwHCWI36y895P16KHoIa0QsPbF7EuwRF7xPIOHiC3MHaFZ-L7TpI36ysOIIWr7msTjd2oSj2s1FzUTq6nUxZzE6uJaaORoEK49oy6mTqzPEp3Hb2Zx8j1fxWVCmk&tn=*NK-R']#nolodesigns), a Passport...
  13. Kengeroo

    weight distribution in truck bed

    Greeting folks, So I have my gigantic dometic cfx3 75dz on the passenger side.. dry it's 61 lbs, full of beer and food I imagine 100lbs. I want to install a yakima road shower (7 GALLON) on the passenger side on the bed rack, dry 25 lbs, wet 85 lbs. So with a total of 180 lbs extra on the...
  14. O

    JK/JKU Overland Outfitters Sherpa Saddle Bag (Black)

    No use for these anymore, awesome quality just don't need them anymore. I do have the 2dr zipper strips so these should fit a 2door and 4door. $150. Description from website The elegantly durable Sherpa Saddle Bag takes that useless, dead space over the fenders on any ’07-’18 Wrangler JK, and...
  15. R

    New member from New Jersey.

    I’m am happy to be a part of the overland community. Just trying to navigate the Site
  16. benmmc

    Adventures of Ben's Willys

    Hey y'all, been a while since I've been on here. I had a Tacoma that I was building up, but sold it and I've been driving a Crosstrek for the past four years or so. Wanted something a little bigger and more capable, so the other day I went out and bought a new 2021 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Willys...
  17. Brian Wells

    Cancelled Moab For Memorial Day Weekend

    Im Off Roading and camping all summer. For Memorial Day weekend I will be stopping in Moab for off roading, camping, relaxing etc. Im interested in meeting up with other Jeepers and having a good time. View Rally Point
  18. Wandering Wolf Overland

    US Southeast Tents & Tires 2022 New Year's Day Rendezvous

    Welcome to our second annual New Year's Mountain Top Jeep and Overlander rendezvous. Come on up to Georgia's highest peak and meet with Jeepers, Overlanders, and adventure drivers from all over the southeast. DETAILS WILL BE POSTED BELOW AS THEY DEVELOPE! Sponsored by Wandering Wolf Overland...
  19. S

    US West 1965 M35 Camper. 15k obo

    65 m35 Duece multifuel diesel engine, 6x6. Tires in great shape. Runs and drives great. Box on back was converted to a camper some time ago but will need a bit of work. All the electronics and guages work in the cab and box. The fuel guage is the only iffy one. My wife doesnt want to camp in it...
  20. Ohio Valley Overland

    Cancelled THOR 2021

    The Trans-Hoosier Overland Route (THOR) is a 511 mile overlanding route that connects the Hoosier National Forest to the Indiana Dunes National Park by gravel and dirt roads. The THOR also connects three different offroading parks in western Indiana along with interesting cultural attractions...