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    Overland expo east 2021

    Looking forward to seeing everybody, safe travels and the weather is looking better!
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    Cancelled VA Area Monthly Meetup & Campout!!!

    Unfortunately I have plans also, heading up to lewis mountain to feed the hikers and enjoy the weekend. Randy Instagram: overland_rubi
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    How to carry propane tank

    I mounted my tank to my hi-lift jack, fairly simple brackets with the powertank mount. Randyy Instagram: overland_rubi
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    SOLD Brand New Never Used Tembo Tusk Overland Bound Edition Skottle 300.00 (Sold)

    Wish you were closer, I'd take it off your hands!
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    How heavy is your overlanding JKU?

    I would say the majority of jku overland rigs are around 6500lbs, I know mine is for sure. My entire drivetrain has been upgraded. Currie 44/60 axles with 5.13 gears Front and rear big brake kit 4 1/2 aev high capacity coil springs JKS adjustable arms Steersmart entire front end, draglink...
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    SWAYLOC front sway bar for JK

    Thanks for the response, sounds like my build is very similar to your recent build. I'm running the aev 4 1/2" high capacity springs due to all my gear, couldn't find a setup that wouldn't sag in the rear when loaded down. The issue i have is my jks quick disconnects, no longer disconnect...
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    SWAYLOC front sway bar for JK

    Good evening, How much lift were u running with this setup? Looking at their site, they are links for 3 1/2 and 4 1/2. Also, just curious why you're selling it? Thanks Randy
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    Under mount table options

    I'm using an Eezi-Awn setup with my Rhino-Rack platform with slight modifications. Randy
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    keeping cool - tent gear

    I got a 20V cordless Dewalt jobsite fan, it works great!