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  1. Blakester

    Overland Expo West

    I’ll be there Saturday. Will be staying in Flagstaff Saturday and Sunday night. Why don’t we arrange a meet up around 1:00 or so at a point of interest or booth?
  2. Blakester

    Overland Expo Flaggstaff

    Hey there, is there a formal meet up? I’ll be there Saturday and it would be great to connect. Thanks, Carl #4446
  3. Blakester

    SOLD: Hi Lift & Baja rack fuel can carrier

    Where are you located?
  4. Blakester


    Welcome fellow Disco owner.
  5. Blakester

    New member from SoCal...

    Just wanted to give out a quick hello to all! Yes, I'm a Land Rover guy, and yes they leak oil everywhere! Member #4446