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Hope you're able to do the White Rim. Report back if you would. We're going down Mid October to do the White Rim trail and it will be the first time for me and everyone in our group to offroad in Moab. Like you, it's something we've had planned for months and getting anxious for the trip!

So the road was pretty decent for the first half. Whitecrack to Candlestick was pretty beat up when we went. Lots of washouts. Saw some well built out rigs scrape and struggle in some spots. Even saw one break a control arm. But took it slow and smart and no issues. They laid down concrete on the way out of mineral bottom so that was great. Got stuck in a bad monsoon but no issues exiting

Have a blast!
Awesome! Sounds like you made some great memories. We're excited to get there. Looks like it will start warming up on Sunday when we head back home. Lol. Thanks for the info!
Of course! There were some this sucks moments (ie having to stack every two seconds during a mile stretch; hopefully it’s still there and you can ride right on down!) but overall so so so worth it. Glad we didn’t pull the trigger. We ran into people who bailed but going straight through was worth it.

We saw a ranger coming in to assess the road after the rain so they’ll have pretty up to date knowledge which is more than I can say when I called before! They were super helpful in telling me where the tough patches were that week. Worth a pop in to the visitor center.

And there was gorgeous weather the day we left too haha but I learned the weather forecast out there is all LIES
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The trails are starting to not be packed. You can run a trail and maybe see one other person. I saw more bikes on trails than vehicles. With the exception of hell’s revenge which was thriving with UTVs

If you decide to get off the grid I’m more than happy to share my obsessive check lists and WR itinerary :)
That’d be great. Feel free to message me. Planning to go in May 2022. Thanks!!
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I ran White Rim yesterday, Oct 11th. Did the entire trail and back to town in 9 hours. They’ve had lots of heavy rains recently and the trail showed it. Lots of washouts, heavy rutting, and some recent repairs. Was completely doable. Saw several stock 4x4’s on the road.
Got rain and even snow last night, so I’m feeling for all the bike groups and folks out tenting overnight. It was definitely cooling down yesterday afternoon.
You did the entire 100 miles and back to Moab in 9 hours?