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Hi all new member in France
Welcome to Overland Bound
Your Regional Director is @Robert OB 33/48 for additional help or information.
Check the forum calendar and Meet-Up page for events, and the Trip Planning page for trips being planned by members. These pages can be filtered by region.
Overland Bound Meetups
Overland Trip Planning
Quick adult & youthTread Lightly online awareness course.
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Tread Lightly! Youth Online Course

Robert OB 33/48

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Hi all new member in France
Hello Zac

Welcome to the Forum, but most of all welcome to the community.

If I can help with questions, and providing info I am happy to do so.

Just go to the Europe section of this forum to find more specific info about Europe.

You will find nearly everything on the forum in generall about Overlanding. So just dive in and have fun.

Join us also in the whatsapp group for Mid Europe and our Facebook page.

Facebook Groups

Europe Overland Bound

Enjoy your stay here and I hope to see you somewhere out on a track/event.

Greetings from Robert
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