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  • Still in Binghamton, NY, missing Colorado
    Just got my Amateur Radio Extra Class License
    hello from Missouri, see your from Loveland, Co, we come up to see the kids in Johnstown, just got back Monday, we come up there about 5 times a yr, will be back in April, maybe will see each others rig somewhere , I'm pretty sure I seen yours at a distance but didn't see your badge. so next time I will try and say hey..
    Currently working for Northrup Grumman on STPSat-6 Space Technology Platform Satellite
    Currently working in Rochester NY but my contract is ending. It looks like I will either be going to Salt Lake City or Dulles, VA next.
    Hey Tom This is David (JDgreens) have you been able to take your trailer on some trails yet? I want to do some over-land type of trips so bad. My wife and I was able to go to Moab on Labor Day weekend. We ended up doing part of the Rim-Rocker trail. (camping one night on the trail). It is a great way to go to Moab! I can't wait to do it again.
    Due to work and health and recently finishing off the trailer, I have only been able to do Hancock Pass/Tomichi Pass in Colorado. Weather is a bummer. Might go to Moab before Thanksgiving.
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