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    White Rim Alternatives

    I ran White Rim yesterday, Oct 11th. Did the entire trail and back to town in 9 hours. They’ve had lots of heavy rains recently and the trail showed it. Lots of washouts, heavy rutting, and some recent repairs. Was completely doable. Saw several stock 4x4’s on the road. Got rain and even snow...
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    Nature Photos

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    Rig Photos

    Some recent ones from Capitol Reef
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    Maxterra's 06' Nissan Xterra

    Need to get a few new pics posted up here. Some of the Moab trips this last year.
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    Members Instagram ID

    My page of adventures, pics and some builds. Dave
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    Have a vanity license plate? Let's see it!

    I'm Maxterra, and I approve this plate.
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    Lets see the sun rise pictures!

    Few of mine
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    Offline maps for tablet or smartphone....what app do you use?

    Running iPad mini, dual 150 antenna and Gaia. The larger iPad was too big for my rig. Used to occasionally lose link with the antenna or freeze up. Latest update mentioned that problem specifically and fixed it. Absolutely love it! Just gotta keep the amount of overlays minimized or it's...
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    911 GoFundMe for Stolen Off-Road Trailer - Asking Our Community for Help

    Made my donation today! Best of luck in getting your trailer back into shape and gear replaced. Can't even imagine how lousy a deal this would be right at the start of your trip!! Dave
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    What is the last thing you bought and plan to buy?

    New setup altogether. [emoji106]