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  1. JeepingMike

    BFG KO2's review.

    Wow. I've tried others and keep returning to BGF KOs, both on my Chevy truck for almost 20 years and now my Jeep. Current set of KO2s are almost 3 years and 51,000 miles and still have life in them. Sucks to hear so many with not so good runs on them.
  2. JeepingMike

    Pennsylvania Forest Adventurer 2022

    Thanks again for your exploration and sharing. We were hoping to get out more in 21 and also found the continued increased popularity of folks getting away from the cities to be challenging. But on to 2022!
  3. JeepingMike

    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    A foglight bulb went out, so good reason to upgrade. Quadratec LED foglights. Quick, accurate delivery. 30 minute install. Major improvement! Wish I had a before/after of the night view.
  4. JeepingMike

    Parks On The Air

    Absolutely! I just upgraded this spring and got into POTA this fall, and setup my equipment specifically to be able to use at home or on the go. FT-891 with EFHW at home and BuddiStick Pro on the go. Combining two things I love, outdoors and radio. I see it as testing my amateur radio...
  5. JeepingMike

    Your Go To Jack

    At home I have a Pittsburgh/Harbor Freight floor jack. On the road I have a Safe Jack kit in the ammo can.
  6. JeepingMike

    What is the last thing you bought and plan to buy?

    In my ever ongoing attempts to reorganize, simplify, and reduce space for stuff... Lifesaver Jerrycan, Lifetime cooler, and MTM AmmoCrate boxes.
  7. JeepingMike

    Shenandoah National Park Changes Fees

    While still a blacktop route, it is often visited enroute to/from other opportunities. Shenandoah National Park announced fee changes for campgrounds, Old Rag hikes, and backcountry camping permits.
  8. JeepingMike

    Antenna mounting on a JKU

    I have the dual band antenna mounted on the hood. Excellent receive and transmit for me so far. My FTM-400 radio body is under the passenger seat and I have done wheel well water crossings without enough water inside to be an issue.
  9. JeepingMike

    We are driving around the world. Right now.

    Safe travels!! Looking forward to more awesomeness when you climb back on the map, I mean grid.
  10. JeepingMike

    Let's see some HAM setups in your rigs

    Yaesu FTM-400 main radio is under the passenger seat.
  11. JeepingMike

    BTECH GMRS-V1 Arrived

    The possibilities are almost endless. Which radio can also dependent on how you want to use it as a ham, such as with DMR, DSTAR, Fusion, APRS, etc. (all modes and functions of ham radio) Your specific vehicle has bearing on "easy to install". If you're looking to start with simple VHF/UHF...
  12. JeepingMike

    BTECH GMRS-V1 Arrived

    Looking forward to your thoughts/evaluation of it after using it a bit...
  13. JeepingMike

    Radio Quals?

    Primarily (other than CB) there are two areas of radio comms to consider, amateur radio (ham radio) and GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service). Both require an FCC license to transmit. Amateur radio is a free license (so far) with a written test requirement and GMRS is $35 with no test. There...
  14. JeepingMike

    US Southeast Rigs and Coffee

    I'm a bit north, but plan on doing more in VA, WV, TN, etc. So I'll try to get to one or more... Look forward to meeting y'all.
  15. JeepingMike

    Covering 343 miles, 5 state forests and 4 Purple Lizard maps...mostly dirt

    And download/import to GaiaGPS successful as well. Thank you!!