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  • Hi Corrie. Sending you a note to say i really enjoyed our chat about "real stuff- our daughters and similar challenges we share" at the mine cleanup. Also thanks for all the coordination you and the team do to make these events happen. I am enjoying my personal hygene products i won at the raffle. You always put together a great package of items to give away, and this one continued that trend. Take care.
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    Great connecting with you, too! I know toiletry items aren’t top of the list for folks, but Duke Cannon and Lucky Bastard make really good stuff. :)

    Hope to see you in October!
    Working on new product for the store...
    Hello Corrie, I’m need to OB and have some ideas for OB decals for military veterans. I was informed that you are the point of contact. Would you be interested is seeing my ideas?

    tony chatman
    tony chatman
    overland bound is about vehicle dependent travel..i was thinking about getting more badges for my rigs have 3 and a boat. then thought thousands of people travel around the world by boat and how it would be great if the app had a marine link for every one who explore/travel by boat(vehicle ) could keep in touch it would add 1000's of members. could just give them a boat icon to keep separate from land people.
    I know sometimes it get hectic and life is busy at times. You guys may even be on an overland trip. Just to let you know I became a Supporter on the 8th of this month, I am a former site owner and host, so I know how much it costs to keep the bills paied. Please don't forget I am looking forward to that patch as I want to put it in my trailer.
    I’m updating my status from the new app, and you have no idea how awesome it feels.
    Hey Corrie, I received my member "coins" with a different number vs my actual member number? The number on the coins (2 each) is 11714 but my actual on the site number is: 12659
    Thanks for the welcome message. I joined Overland Bound to learn about local meet ups - I'm in eastern Pennsylvania and driving a few hundred miles is fine.
    Thanks for the welcome! I just noticed I oopsed my own darn birthdate, it is actually 8/17/1966, not 7/17.. Could you help a brother out there?? :)
    Glad to be. New Member.. I've heard nothing but good things about this forum and I'm looking forward to get new ideas from. Other members.
    Great to be here but have a issue, when purchasing my membership I meant to purchase a different package. How can I get this corrected?
    Great to be on board looking forward to the forums
    Trying to become a member and every time I do I'm stuck right after I try to add my choice to a cart. Just keeps saying my cart is empty and when I look up in the corner I'm not logged in. Please help. thanks.
    Hey Corrie,
    Just joined. How long is the process until I get full use of the forum?
    Thank you!
    (member #15066, I think)
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