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    Baja, Bahia delos Angeles

    Can you share your Gaia tracks for this part of your trip?
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    Baja sur(f)

    Well I missed your trip in March. Planning to go to Baja in late May for several weeks. Any suggestions on where to watch / photograph surfers? The doc you attached won't load properly but I got a glimpse of an itinerary and some mention of places to get supplies?
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    Help planning Baja

    My wife and I are headed to Baja in late May. We will don't have a strict schedule so could easily spend 2-4 weeks. We are thinking of going all the way down one side and backup the other. My wife loves the beach, I enjoy the beach but also enjoy the mountains and tropics. Photography...
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    Where to put the weight? Rear bumper mounts vs Roof Rack

    Thank you for the extensive input. Good news is I don't have to do anything right away - just need to keep reminding myself that :). Looking forward to getting to some of the expos this year so I can put eyes and hands on some of these options and see what others have done. On-line shopping is...
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    Where to put the weight? Rear bumper mounts vs Roof Rack

    I have been needing to calculate payload. I need to determine the actual curb weight but this is probably pretty close. GVWR: 5412 lbs Curb Weight: 4314 lbs Payload Capacity (GVWR-Curb Weight): 1098 lbs Smittybilt says the bumper / carrier actually weights 240 lbs - nearly a quarter of the...
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    Where to put the weight? Rear bumper mounts vs Roof Rack

    Newbie to the overland world (I've entered my intro) and starting to build out a 2014 JKU Rubicon. I plan to travel / live in the jeep several weeks at a time. Not looking to do extreme, recreational rock crawling and off roading but I want the ability to get to remote locations. I bought the...
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    Radio Recommendation

    The Midland MXT575 seems to be a good choice for a mobile unit but its release is either delayed or it is simply out of stock. What is a good alternative? What about a a handheld with an external antennae as an interim solution? If that would work, then I'd still have a hand-held for use...
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    If you had to pick just one to start…

    There did not seem to be a consensus (why am I not surprised?) as to which "one" to start with. The one consensus I picked up on was that for emergency purposes a SAT device is the best bet. From other research it looks like the Garmin inReach is the go to device for off-grid communication in...
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    NW Florida

    I’d be interested in a trip for Northwest, North or Central and South Fl. I’m from Birmingham, planning to work my way down to Central Fl, Ocala at the end of Dec or first of Jan. Might go further south. Looking for wildlife photography opportunities as well as camping and wheeling.
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    New from Alabama

    New member checking in and looking around from Birmingham.
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    New from Alabama

    New member from Birmingham. Look forward to seeing ya’ll on the trail.
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    Greetings All, Location: Birmingham, AL Rig: 2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon - new rig for me and I’m working on prepping it for overlanding Overlanding Experience: Novice Looking forward to learning from the community and meeting new folks on the trail.