What is your favorite time of the year to overland?

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What is your favorite time of year to overland?

  • spring

    Votes: 14 35.9%
  • summer

    Votes: 9 23.1%
  • autumn

    Votes: 29 74.4%
  • winter

    Votes: 12 30.8%

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Long summer days I would say can not be beat, plus lakes, streams all out there begging for you to take a dip… I do not know what part of me is broken but any stream, lake, large clear ponds… I gotta go in!… I feel that way even in the spring and winter but am less likely to be enticed to do it!


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I go all year.
I love the mountains in the summer and fall. changing of colors and the smell of pine. The desert rocks right after a rain storm so, winter/ spring there. Falling asleep in a nice warm bag when its brisk outside or by the fire.
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It depends where:

In Australia for example, the Red Centre is too hot in summer (and some places are out of bounds), the north is (for most) too wet in wet season.

In Argentina, Patagonia is great in Spring and Autumn, cold and windy in winter, and hot and dry in summer.

In East Africa, it's not a matter of the calendar season but wet and dry seasons.


For us, defining seasonal conditions is a primary input - when to be where on a given trip. To use Australia as a an example - aim for the Centre in winter, Tasmania in summer (even so it can snow!), and the north in winter, and build the overall route around these conditions. A key driver is also how busy it will be, although you can usually get away from people in most places.