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New Members,

Welcome to the Overland Bound community! Please take a few moments to introduce yourself so we can get to know you!

A few things you might want to include in your introduction are:

1) Picture! If you have a rig, we want to see it!
2) Location (General area is fine)
3) Rig (Year, Make, Model, etc.)
4) Overlanding Experience Background (Novice or Experienced, you're welcome here!)

We're glad you've found us and look forward to sharing our adventures with you!

In addition to getting to know you, here are the guideline sent to all Moderators of the forums. It's a natural reflection of our community, and what Overland Bound is all about:

From @administrator
  • Overlanding is: "Vehicle Dependent Travel". Nothing else.
  • We will not further define "overlanding".
  • "Capable" depends on the requirements of the trip, and we take that very seriously.
  • You are an Overlander: Overlanding is for everyone who has exploration and adventure in their heart, or, who need to be reinvigorated by connecting with nature. Nature is unforgiving. You must rise to a certain level of personal awareness to survive. Sound right? Overlanding is for you.
  • Encourage uncomplicated ventures into the great outdoors. Don't over pack.
  • Be prepared, and understand basic requirements. Question folks, to be sure they are aware of what is required. Don't assume.
  • Share without reservation, trip locations, and information.
  • It doesn't matter what you drive: The only requirement of an Overlander is that the vehicle serves the job required, safely.
  • We do not care about make or model.
  • We do not engage in "this is better than that" competitions.
  • We DO give advice about how to make your vehicle ready for what you need. Share knowledge.
  • Humility.
  • We respect, fear, and protect nature.
  • "I don't know" is a great answer.
  • We don’t brag about exploits.
  • We seek answers from the community when we don’t know.
  • We engage in the very smallest of interactions.
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Location: San Jose, CA
Current Vehicle: 2015 4Runner Trail
Previous Vehicle: 2005 Subaru Forester XT
Overland Experience: Novice
Why Overlanding?: I've always been an outdoor type of person and love traveling, camping, and exploring new places. I'm also an automotive enthusiast and enjoy modifying vehicles, whether it be 4 wheels, 2 wheels, racing, or offroading. Overlanding is a great combination of those two passions and I've been hooked ever since.
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I'm Steve, and I'll reintroduce myself in this stickied thread. CLICK HERE to read my original introduction.

Location: Northern Ohio
Current Vehicle: 2008 Subaru Outback 2.5XT Limited 5MT
Experience: Lots of backpacking, hiking, and car-based tent camping over the years. I've never driven anything off-road before other than a tractor on the farm when I was a kid. That's all about to CHANGE!


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Hey, I'm MamaBear! (wife of Stringtwelve, I know, be jealous)

Location: Southeast, NM
Rig: 2014 Trail Edition 4Runner
Experience: Beginner, co-pilot to Stringtwelve

I'm also a Mama to a 2 year old. Looking to enhance the overlanding experience to include families into the fun! Looking forward to sharing my experience and advice into new overlanding families here on


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Hi all:

1) Irvine, CA (Orange County Area / Southern CA)
2) 2013 Jeep Rubicon Unlimited 10A / Anvil / AEV 3.5" lift, AEV bumpers, / Gobi rack / 35" tires
3) Novice overland experience. Occasional overnight desert trips in the past. No serious off-roading yet

Looking forward to some amazing trips, meeting new people, and getting out there. Anyone live near me, hit me up, lets plan a trip or do some recovery practice at Holy Jims or something.



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My name is Tyler.

1) Birmingham, AL
2) 100 series Land Cruiser. Recently bought it from my dad who bought it new in 2003.
3) I am new to off roading and I look forward to building up my land cruiser. I am a pretty avid cyclist (mtn & road), so I look forward to building a good camping vehicle that I can drive around the southeast to camp and cycle.

Glad to be apart of OB as it will be a good resource for me to learn from experienced overlanders.

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Location: Dubuque, Iowa
Rig: 2013 Land Rover LR4
Experience: Minimal, just got my rig in 2013. My kids are just getting to the age where we can really camp and be a bit more self sufficient. I think I fit in with the demographic that is forming here. Next gen overlanders! My kids love camping and we have taken a few trips, mostly car camping and scenic drives, but not quite real overlanding yet. I plan on getting into it though and my goal is to join a group for a real trip in the near future.

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Hi all. Am a very new beginner member who got interested in Overlanding after watching Mountain State Overland and Expedition Overland on YouTube.

Location: North New Jersey, so miles from any real Overlanding territory.
Rig: Chevy Equinox 2008 AWD, pretty good for road trips.
Experience: watching YouTube :)

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@LoneSniper Welcome to the community!
High population areas present a challenge for finding ways to get off the beaten path, but you might be surprised what's out there with some research and new contacts. Maybe there are some folks here on OB that can point you in the right direction. Half the fun is the hunt!
Thanks for the warm welcome. I was totally surprised today when this was the entrance road to Allamuchy Mountain State Park.

We visited for the first time today for a short hike and will be back. The road only went on for about 1/3 mile but it was Overland enough to be enjoyable with many deep pot holes to avoid.

I have seen some Overland vehicles in the neighborhood, but not managed to meet owners. There is an old 4Runner with a winch, jack and lots of Moab stickers of it and this pristine Jeep I see at the train station

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