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Lexington, KY, USA
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I’ve been reading a lot of forums and watching some good YouTube channels. My project trailer is taking some time to build, but it’s been worth it. I’ve purchased a lot of the electric components for shore power, solar, some led’s and a water pump. I‘m still putting the cabinet roof panels on then onto the trailer electric and some “house lights.“ I’m hoping to get it out this fall with a ground tent for a trial run. RTT next year with a 12v fridge and solar panels.



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Very cool.

I like how you've cut it down to a more manageable height for adventuring and kept the outside compartment sizes.

Very cool too that it was a NC Forest Service trailer designed, I'm assuming, for rugged back country. The back country of the Appalachian mountains and forests of North Carolina and east Tennessee can be demanding.

I'm wicked envious of your find.

A few questions come to mind:
- What's the vintage? 70s-80s?
- What are the interior cargo space dims like? How long front-to-back inside, and how wide between wheel wells?
- How heavy will she be empty in your config, do you think, and what're you towing it with?
- What's the GVW loaded?
- Plans to change the axle to torsion, and hitch to 3-point, or keeping all as is?

Several years ago, I looked at a ton of used and new trailers and crawled over, around, and under more than I can count. I bought a couple 1/4 ton vintage military trailers to re-fit, but In the end, knowing how long it would take (I have no shop any more) and how much energy/cost I would expend making one of them into exactly what I wanted, I chose to go with the all-aluminum Huck-bolted frame and body of the Schutt Industries XV-2 severe-duty trailer. It checked all the boxes for me and fit what I wanted. I needed something that could carry a lot more load (looks like yours can), be multi-purpose, and still be light before I added my cargo.

I go out for several months at a time, typically, so carry gear and clothing for all seasons, extended off-grid self-sustainability, bunch of camera gear, etc, and typically more water and fuel than many do. The 1/4 ton vintage military Jeep style trailers from Vietnam and WWII eras just weren't doing it for me, and I did not like the weight/payload ratio of the more capable, but heavier M101s.

The curb weight on my 1ton+ trailer is only 1125lbs and the payload max is 2375lbs, for a GVW of 3500lbs, and I could not be more pleased with the overall configuration.

So, having chosen this route for myself for extended back-country adventures, I am always intrigued at cool trailer finds, especially steel frame, and what folks are doing with them to fit their needs.

Looking forward to seeing how you top this off and how you use it as platform for rack/RTT, power, water, etc.

That sure seems like a rare find.

Here's mine, post-config, though it doesn't show the cooking counter, etc:


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oh wow, killer place to start
great choice and following

be sure to add the history of the trailer to the exterior
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