Auburn Electric Locking differential

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I don’t know if this is the correct forum. If it’s not, Admins please relocate to the correct locations. Tks.

Just testing the waters to see if anyone has any first hand experience with these Auburn electric lockers? I know Auburn limited slip diffs from friends that drag raced mustangs as a teenager. Never heard anything bad about them. I’m thinking of ditching the factory G80 differential for one of these Auburn units.

I like the idea of not having to install a compressor for an ARB air locker in lieu of running some wires. Even though I know an air compressor has multiple uses.


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I have heard nothing bad about the Auburns except, they don't make one for my Cruiser. Most of my friends run the Eaton.
Over the years, I have have run diffrent types of limited slip, mechanical, air lockers and I will now only use electric. When I had my Rubicon I was introduced to selectable lockers (air), then I broke that diff I went to ARB (air again). Like you stated you need a compressor. You also need to maintain a couple of seals due to wear. Seals wear and they bleed off air.
My current vehicle is open diff but all of my friends now run Eaton electric. That's where I'm heading next.