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  1. Norcalbowhunter

    Vagabond Drifter

    I'm selling my Vagabond Drifter for 5' bed. Its in perfect condition and ready to roll now for summer overland camping adventures. Full interior light setup Insulated sides Front runner roof rack L track on both sides for Maxtrax, gas, etc. 10" bed extension 14" Maxxair fan I will include baltic...
  2. Inca4x4

    Jeep Gladiator Launch Ed 70k miles Go Fast Camper JCR dual swing out tire carrier

    Hey Guys so my launch edition rubicon has over 70k miles. I just went to Montana from Atlanta to pick up my Go Fast camper. My JCR swing out bumper shipped out and will be installed soon. I have new fox Reservoir and EVO springs. No issues with this vehicle just routine maintenance. If you want...
  3. emtbfrey

    SOLD For Sale - OREGON - 2018 Toyota Tacoma DCLB TRD OR - 75k - $40,000

    Looking to let go of my Tacoma to make the jump to a Tundra. I've really enjoyed the capability and reliability of the Tacoma, just looking for a little more space for the long road trips and all the hobbies that come along. It's been a work in progress over the last three years building to the...
  4. BodhiOverland

    SOLD SOLD - GFC Standard Unit #651 - Now In Production - Estimated Completion April 2020

    Growing our family and made a bittersweet trade of our pickup for an suv, so we're going to pass on our place in line for the GFC we have on order. Estimated date of completion is April 2020. Invoice is paid in full, we're just asking for what we have into it at $7,200. If you want delivery its...
  5. WalkerTexasRanger

    Cancelled GFC/Go Fast Camper Standard Size Reservation $500

    So I was going to plan my rig build around the GFC camper but I have decided to go another route because the long wait time for the camper. And the only way to get my deposit back is to find someone who wants a GFC to take my spot in line. My unit is #867 with a projected start date of 2021. So...