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  1. JeepingMike

    Shenandoah National Park Changes Fees

    While still a blacktop route, it is often visited enroute to/from other opportunities. Shenandoah National Park announced fee changes for campgrounds, Old Rag hikes, and backcountry camping permits.
  2. JeepingMike

    Overland Expo East 2021

    Had a great weekend at Overland Expo East. Participated in a bunch of classes, all well done and well balanced to review for the experienced and teaching for new stuff. It did seem like a leaning towards bigger, more, fancier stuff. I'm keeping it simple and basic. Picked up a few things...
  3. JeepingMike

    Ham & now GMRS

    Just installed my BTECH GMRS-50X1 and a Signal Stalk antenna in my Jeep. This adds an option to my already in place amateur radio setup. I changed out some of the installation to allow for fairly easy removal between off road adventures, as it's also my daily driver.
  4. JeepingMike

    Springtail MPAC Rear Door Folding Table

    Wow! Among little projects/gear plans for my Jeep, I have been researching folding tables to mount on the rear door. After many situations that having a table there would have helped (i.e., cooking, setting out supplies, radio gear, etc...), this was one to accomplish before heading anywhere...
  5. JeepingMike

    Tailgater Tire Table

    I bought the Tailgater Tire Table last year, but only set it up at home to check it out. This weekend went camping and finally really used it. Although we were in a state park campground, which did have a picnic table, I intentionally set up and used the Tire Table. As we have no issue eating...