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  1. TheViking

    Let's see some HAM setups in your rigs

    rago manufacturing
  2. TheViking

    US West Bodie Ghost Town and Cooper Mountain- Eastern Sierras

    My new front rotors have shipped but havent shown yet so I doubt ill be able to get them installed this week before the trip.
  3. TheViking

    US West Bodie Ghost Town and Cooper Mountain- Eastern Sierras

    I came over 108 yesterday after some days at Cerro Gordo, Pleasant Valley dam Campground, Alabama Hills etc and I somehow fried my brakes halfway across. Right front stopped engaging. Smelled some brakes, slowed down to take it easy but too late, felt like rotors warped or pads stopped engaging...
  4. TheViking

    BaseMaps app

    Anyone play around with BaseMap? Super cool IMO after a few hours for playing around today. Many layers and 3D options. Hunting and fishing overlays etc as well. I paid $30 for the Pro version for a year subscription. Looking forward to using it more.
  5. TheViking

    Propane Tank Sizes

    I wish ignited would sell the 5lb cover alone.
  6. TheViking

    What size refrigerator?

    65 L good for 4 people for 3-4 days and fits in the 4Runner 5th without getting too close to tailgate. Also run a arb 63
  7. TheViking

    Overland Expo West 2021 From Sacramento / SF Bay Area

    Interested. Definitively going. Headed out from South Bay.. It overlaps with Wasteland so maybe ill be leaving from Mojave.
  8. TheViking has a new feature with Gaia GPS

    It’s awesome. I added everything to my GAIA so I don’t have to go back and forth every trip and find something
  9. TheViking

    Too Much Information will destroy what we do.

    I use my Gaia to plot coordinates on things I find from old maps like mines, struck tires, cabins etc I scour the internet for and Google earth. So I have some interesting waypoints. CA has over 70,000 mines alone. Most of the coordinates can be found online. I don’t really use it as road map...
  10. TheViking

    Garmin Overlander

    I have my inreach paired to my iPhone and use the map and text function via GPS
  11. TheViking

    Garmin Overlander

    I run a combination of the Overlander and Gaia on a IPad with a side of InReach bluetoothed to the IPad if I need GPS overlay. I also use the Eathrmate map and usually upload GPX/KML/KMZ files to all and sync. And then I run the ZOLEO for text messaging when out of mobile service areas through...
  12. TheViking

    Who else brings a grill?-1 cooking device to rule them all!

    For dual burner the Everest beats the Coleman any day all day.
  13. TheViking

    Death Valley

    Thank you for this! Headed out in a couple weeks. Do you know if any dispersed sites have steel fire rings? Or is that only for developed sites? I know you cant have wood fires unless it has the steel ring from what I can see. Also is there an emergency HAM frq in that area?
  14. TheViking

    Gaia/Garmin Overlander

    yes, I run both as well. I find the details better on Garmin with more waypoint info and not just a flag when you upload GPX files etc.. They compliment each other.
  15. TheViking

    US Southwest Springtime in Death Valley

    Im all ears for some good trails and ghost towns etc. easy to moderate with lots to see. ?
  16. TheViking

    Mohave Road

    anyone out there this weekend?
  17. TheViking

    Mendocino Grand Circuit

    Has anyone run this Mendocino Grand Circuit? I was thinking about running it this week as a TG run with Social Distancing and all just to get away Thurs-Sat and do a Overland TG dinner on the trail.
  18. TheViking


    Hi there, Getting back into off roading and overlanding after a 4-5 year break. Sold my 1997 LC that was fully built and supercharged. Biggest regret I have. Now looking at building my 2013 Tundra for light overlanding just did bumpers, suspension, tires, sliders, armor and decked drawers...