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  1. OTH Overland

    If you had to pick just one to start…

    I agree less tech in your rig may be a benefit when travelling outside other countries, both to avoid garnering attention from both authorities and people looking for a quick smash and grab. My preference is HAM radio due to the number of available repeaters and hobbyists that monitor the bands...
  2. OTH Overland

    If you had to pick just one to start…

    Excerpt from FCC rules for GMRS below, it seems about the same rules as for HAM except that since your GMRS license is good for the entire family, you can add a station number to the end of the call sign to identify different radios (stations) if your family is using more than one at a time, as...
  3. OTH Overland

    Recovery Tow Hook

    I do like that It does pick up a third bolt location which should take some of the shear load off of the other two bolts due to the offset pull point. Hopefully attachment bolts are a high grade and not from a box store.
  4. OTH Overland

    US Northwest Meet & Greet

    Keep an eye on the Rally Point Events, we will be posting a meet up for Feb in the Stanwood/Camano area not far from you.
  5. OTH Overland

    US Northwest Inland Northwest Monthly Conference Call

    Will also try to be there if we get home in time..
  6. OTH Overland

    Drawer fridge questions

    We had planned to put the Dometic D30 drawer fridge in our Grand Cherokee, but after many shipping delays, the supplier upgraded for no charge us to the Engel version which has the same overall dimensions but a different compressor and was a couple of hundred more if I remember correctly. We...
  7. OTH Overland

    Nature Photos

    I got Michelle a new to us JKU for Christmas, and we decided to take it on a 900 mile drive to Yellowstone for a first drive. Managed to find better weather there than what we left behind in Washington, although a bit colder. Had pretty good luck with the critters in the park being willing to be...
  8. OTH Overland

    US Northwest Meet & Greet

    Thanks Michael! now I know what happened to my last Rally Point.
  9. OTH Overland

    Hello from Seattle!

    Hi Derick, Located about an hour north of you, welcome to Overland Bound, look forward to meeting you on a trip or meetup sometime!
  10. OTH Overland

    Redmond, WA

    Hi Sean from the north end of Puget Sound. Rig looks like its going to serve you well!
  11. OTH Overland

    Want to buy a Jeep Grand Cherokee

    I know my XK Commander does the key activated DTC code display also, very handy, keep a list of codes and what they mean in the glove box of the rigs in case i need to diagnose and order parts from the highway or trail. I did replace crank & cam sensors, throttle position and idle air on...
  12. OTH Overland

    Want to buy a Jeep Grand Cherokee

    Great write up by Andrew, We have a 1999 WJ also and have made many of the same repairs, with the blend doors in the heater being the biggest pain, but have had no issues with the heat since then, We have the 4.7 V8 and the full time Quadra Drive II transfer case and it has worked wll for...
  13. OTH Overland

    Good Morning everyone

    Hello French, Welcome to Overland Bound! Your off to a good start with the rig you have, no need to be in a huge hurry to get everything all at once, just get out and enjoy the many places that truck will take you in stock configuration. I would suggest adding a good first aid kit and...
  14. OTH Overland


    Welcome to Overland Bound, Nice looking rig, love the Ursa Minor, have been thinking about potentially going with one of those. I used to belong to King County 4x4 SAR many moons ago, a great organization.
  15. OTH Overland

    Ram 3500 chassis cab

    I do like that flatbed, very modular, almost looks like you could just lift it off with a forklift when you don't need it... Looking forward to what you turn that Ram into though!
  16. OTH Overland


    We also run the MXT275, even though its only 15 watts, I have not had any issue with range to date, I like the small form factor of an all in one microphone due to lack of space in the Jeep for a third radio. I will likely wait for the MXT575 to come available for the one rig do not have...
  17. OTH Overland

    Overland Hound

    Yes she is lucky, was found wandering the streets in California after recently having a batch of puppies, shelter figured she had got to the end of usefulness of a back yard breeder and abandoned. Since she still had milk at time the shelter used her to nurse stray puppies as long as they...
  18. OTH Overland

    The best winch for the buck.

    I have a Warn 12k Zeon w/ synthetic line on my Ram 3500, and recently purchased a Smittybilt XRC 9500 Gen 3 with synthetic on our Grand Cherokee. I think if I had not purchased and used the Warn first, I might have been happy with the Smittybilt as it works fine so far. But when comparing...
  19. OTH Overland

    $900 1980 Ford F250 - Budget Build - The best overlander is the one you have

    Should not be too hard of a job, The TTB with 400k on it is not too happy and needs a bunch of work, so cost wise will end up a wash, If I locate a complete Dana 60 from a F350 with steering parts, springs and track bar it should be pretty much a bolt in project. May have to have driveline...
  20. OTH Overland

    TREAD Lightly

    Took the course back in October, was a great reminder of how to lighten the impact on our favorite places.