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  1. J

    Powering Electric Cooler- Questions

    We are headed down to TX in June for 10 days camping at Big Bend and Guadalupe. I currently have 100W portable solar panel and a Rockpals 300w battery. Before I go off and buy an electric cooler, I had some concerns about the heat and how we are going to maintain power on the trip. For those who...
  2. J

    Working on the road- Hotspot

    To all of you who work while out on the road, what do you look for in a good hotspot? We are planning on heading out to CO and WY this summer and will need to do some work remotely. We have never owned a hotspot, and not sure if there are certain things we should look for when picking one. We...
  3. J

    Electric Coolers

    After searching through some old threads here for information, I have some questions for those who have electric coolers. I am looking to buy something in the 40-50L range in regard to space and freezing things isn't a big deal to me. I would like to own this for awhile so reliability will be...
  4. J

    Overlanding with a large family

    I have tried to search on here to see if there any posts dealing with this topic and couldn't find anything. We are a family of 6 who recently purchased a 2021 AW Atlas. We didn't really buy it for the purpose of kitting it out with lots of new add ons as it my wife's daily driver. We are...
  5. J

    Dispersed Camping- Leaving/Returning to your camp

    We are going to be headed out this summer and plan on using our Atlas to find more dispersed camping in spots our old van couldn't reach. In the past we have set up our base at traditional campgrounds and left it alone while we explore elsewhere. This summer we would like to do the same thing...
  6. J

    Overlanding with a family of 6

    We have been camping with our kids for a few years and love it. But we would like to get a bit more off road and our minivan just can't do it. We are interested in buying a SUV for both light overlanding and daily use. The problem seems to be storage. A 4 runner would be great, but doesnt...