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  1. Bob

    Cathedral Valley trip

    Hi, The road is very easy, and scenic. I'm sure any stock 4x4 can make it easily. I'm not home now so I can't look it up but I think I used the back country byways book by Tony Huegel. But they have info at the visitors center at Capitol Reef N.P. also. O.K. have fun.
  2. Bob

    Winter Gear - Must Haves and Recommendations?

    I really like wiggys sleeping bags, they are made over in Grand Junction. We have had ours for over 20 years now, and are still pleased with them. They make a lot for the military. My home in Moab is empty since my wife hates cold weather, we are in Arizona. But if you do need something after...
  3. Bob

    Nature Photos

    It worked very well, I love to see pics of Australia.
  4. Bob

    Nature Photos

    Great pictures, the giant redwoods are so amazing.
  5. Bob

    A few places from my adventures...

    It looks like you had a great trip, very nice pics.
  6. Bob

    I need your Winter Camping Tips

    I've heard that if you sleep with 3 dogs, you will stay warm.
  7. Bob

    Cathedral Valley trip

    My wife was off on Wednesday and Thursday, so we decided to take the jeep over to Capitol Reef N.P. and explore the Cathedral Valley. So we went and checked in at the visitor center, and we met a ranger that my wife used to work with, so after visiting a while we were on our way. The loop begins...
  8. Bob


    I have been geocaching off and on for a few years now. But I prefer the ones hidden out in remote areas with the terrain difficulty fairly high. It's not my idea of fun to lift a skirt on a light pole in a walmart parking lot to find a geocache.
  9. Bob

    Nature Photos

    I took out the little dual sport bike the other day, and snapped a couple of pics.
  10. Bob

    Rubbermaid Actionpacker vs Plano Sportsman's Trunk (Review)

    TreXTerra, I saw on your post that the plano box has wheels, but I didn't see any in the pics. Are wheels optional maybe? I don't think I would like to have wheels.
  11. Bob

    Rubbermaid Actionpacker vs Plano Sportsman's Trunk (Review)

    This is very helpful, my gear is currently in soft sided tool bags. I was just thinking about trying to reorganize it, to make things easier to tie down. I need to measure and see if the plano box fits in the back of the xj. Thanks for the review.
  12. Bob

    A weekend in the High Country

    A couple weeks ago, it was stupid hot down here at home, so we took off for Ouray, Silverton and Lake City, Colorado. We hadn't driven the alpine loop before, so we went over Engineer Pass to Lake City, and returned via Cinammon Pass. It was about 30 degrees cooler than home, so that was...
  13. Bob

    The kind of thing we must help stop.

    I agree we need to obey the sign, I have been up this trail a few times, and having to back up to the next switchback is part of the fun. This is certainly not one of the toughest trails in Utah as the park literature states though.
  14. Bob

    Overlanding with a Kayak

    We took a trip down the San Juan River in S.E. Utah over 20 years ago, with the two little kids riding in front of our duckys. But my wife got so pissed off at the upriver winds that seem to kick up every afternoon that she swore she would never go on another river trip with me. So I recently...
  15. Bob

    Spur of the moment trip

    Is that near Nelson?
  16. Bob

    Deming Camping Trip Write Up

    O.K. I'll do that, thanks.
  17. Bob

    The Search for the BEST Overland Camp Chair

    I own a Kermit chair, and I like it. We also have a Pico chair that I like, but I am not sure how long it will hold up in sandy conditions.
  18. Bob

    Deming Camping Trip Write Up

    Very nice trip report. I love the Pacific Northwest. I am going to try to head up that way later this year.
  19. Bob

    Beach Camping, Victoria Australia.

    Hey Rich, Yes, please post some pics of animals if you get a chance. I would like to visit your beautiful country some day. But I don't know how many accidents I would cause before getting used to driving on the left. I could use a bullbar too. I've had a large deer jump in front of me which...
  20. Bob

    Show me a Road Sign.....really any sign...

    I never paid attention to that sign. My wife just transferred from arches to island in the sky. I guess I should tell her not to take her miata to work that way. Sent from my LG-H811 using Tapatalk