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  1. 307dulaney

    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    Cargo lighting!
  2. 307dulaney

    OB Members Wyoming

    Did you end up going?
  3. 307dulaney

    US Rocky Mountain Advice for an Australian couple visiting the USA

    That sounds like an amazing trip! We are in Wyoming. Some must sees are Devils Tower, Yellowstone National Park, Teton National Park. At least those are the well known ones. Some less known but equally impressive sights are Medicine Lodge State Historical Sight, the city of Sheridan, Hell’s Half...
  4. 307dulaney

    Camp Photos!

    Snowy Range Wyoming
  5. 307dulaney

    New guy

    Welcome from right down below you on the map!
  6. 307dulaney

    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    Installed these bad boys!!!
  7. 307dulaney

    RTT vs Ground

    I understand now. I agree with @Patman look into a solution that raises your awning for use if you go that direction. I feel like @Michael showed a setup like that in a video not too long ago. Good luck!!
  8. 307dulaney

    Any Hunters Among Us?

    Holy crap congratulations! He’s a bruiser!!!
  9. 307dulaney

    RTT vs Ground

    Sorry I hit send to fast… it seems like most I’ve seen have the tent adjacent to the awning so was just wondering what exactly is limiting the height of the awning
  10. 307dulaney

    RTT vs Ground

    This might be a stupid question but why does the RTT limit the awning to 4’?
  11. 307dulaney

    Shorty Tundra build

    Yep I agree. I’ve got a DC but always thought a second tundra that was a single cab would be a great truck. Love the build. Keep it up!
  12. 307dulaney

    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    Scrubbed my weather techs… never ending cycle of cleaning and making dirty
  13. 307dulaney

    Starting Over

    I think that’s great. There’s a lot to be said for comfort and reliability. Especially with little ones. You’re right there are plenty of places that rig CAN go! We were camped on what we thought was a high clearance trail recently and as we were setting up a Chrysler Town and Country rolled...
  14. 307dulaney


    Hey there Nick! Love the rig! Thanks for your service!
  15. 307dulaney

    OB Members Wyoming

    Made it up to Medicine Bow Peak for our Labor Day trip. Any other cool Wyoming spots get visited this weekend?
  16. 307dulaney

    OB Members Wyoming

    Hey guys! Here outside of Carpenter in SE307. 2011 Tundra. Plenty of dirt roads to explore around the house but love getting into the snowy range whenever possible. Any interest in a WY OB meet up? Go pokes by the way
  17. 307dulaney

    2011 Toyota Tundra Rock Warrior

    Hey we have the same rig. Love it! Can’t wait to see how your compressor works! Been looking into those too
  18. 307dulaney

    In search of a rig!!!!

    If you are taking long trips you might consider mpg over horse power. However if you will be heavily loaded consider a higher load capacity so that the vehicle isn’t impeded by all your gear. I.e. braking, turning etc. You definitely don’t want the vehicle to lose any significant performance...
  19. 307dulaney


    Wow that looks like a fantastic trip! Love your rig!