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  1. Joe N.

    Simple but good Mexican Recipe - Caldo De Abondigas

    Caldo de Abondigas (A.K.A. - Abondigas Soup or Mexican Meat Ball Soup) 1-1/2 pounds Lean ground beef 2 eggs 1 cup of white rice 2 cubes beef bullion Potatoes - as desired Carrots - as desired (Cabbage can be added, also) 1. Boil half a pot a water with bullion cubes 2. Chop carrots and...
  2. Joe N.

    Simple but good Mexican Recipe - Carne Molida

    Carne Molida (Ground beef with veggies) Ground beef Half small red onion Half small white onion Bell peppers or sweet peppers Garlic cloves Jalapenos (if desired) 1. Brown lean ground beef, season as desired, drain fat. 2. Chop, to 1/4" pieces; white and red onions, bell peppers or sweet...