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  1. Michael

    US West OB HQ Holiday Open House

    Hi everyone! We’re having a holiday open house at Overland Bound HQ in Livermore and we’d love for you to join us! View Rally Point
  2. Michael

    US West Previewing Expedition Mode

    This is a Zoom meeting to preview Expedition Mode features in the OB1 app. If you are a user of OB1 - as a participant, you'll receive details on how to join the Expedition Mode Beta Testing Group. Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 921 2932 3446 View Rally Point
  3. Michael

    Frequent OB1 Updates - Quality of life phase

    Hello all, Just a quick note to let you know we are deploying 1 to 2 releases a week - I know - crazy fast right? :) We are in a "quality of life" phase with app development - knocking out many annoying issues so please update often! Road map and releases are located here: Changelog -...
  4. Michael

    Own a Piece of Overland Bound

    Hey all - you will see a banner called "Own a piece of Overland Bound". It is legitimate. for rules and regulations reasons I cannot discuss in on our forums. There is a comments section on the link URL and I am happy to answer questions there. Campaign Page Thank you! M
  5. Michael

    Overland Bound One Feature Upvote

    Hey all, Overland Bound is community-first. Built by the community, for the community. This has led to the development of social features, rally point, map features, the OB1 app, the list goes on. To help continue this effort, we are trying out an "upvote" feature, which will allow you to...
  6. Michael

    Expedition Package Testing and What is it ?!

    Hey all, Thanks in advance for any feedback you provide. I know what I want in in terms of offline capability, but I'm a sample set of one. We are building OB1 and Expedition features because we are not satisficed with what's out there, so I want to hear from you and what you are looking for in...
  7. Michael

    Introduction to the Overland Bound App Forum

    Hi all! For support, you should still use - fastest way to get help. This forum is to get information on how to do stuff. The app is in its early stages as of the writing of this post, but there is a lot of great functionality already - its just not as clear as it...
  8. Michael

    Introducing Beginner Q&A

    Hello everyone! Welcome to the community. These forums are filled with some of the most experienced overland adventure travelers I've had the pleasure to know! The community supports one and other. We are focused on building a supportive, family friendly adventure community, and this forum is...
  9. Michael

    US West Test Rally Point with in-app GPX attachment

    Need to head out! View Rally Point
  10. Michael

    Cancelled ANOTHER Test :) IGNORE

    Yo - hello - hi. View Rally Point
  11. Michael


    It was cold! Really cold! Super cold!View Rally Point
  12. Michael


    Just testing invites!
  13. Michael

    About Alerts - Notifications and Watched Threads

    Hey all, There is often confusion about how alerts work on the Overland Bound Platform. I hope this clears some of it up, and answers your questions. Folks sometimes think the alerts are broken because conversations happen and they don't get notified. The reason for this is that the system...
  14. Michael

    Overland Pros 270 Awning Give-Away - and Sign Up Issues

    Hey all - yup! We are giving away a 270 degree awning and you can sign up at the link below! I hope you win! :) Some people have reported issues with the sign up getting an error. I THINK it happens when you use a mobile phone AND...
  15. Michael

    Test thread Hi Steve
  16. Michael

    Cancelled Super Supporter III

  17. Michael

    Checking in and brief updates

    Hey all! I'd start by saying "its been crazy" but I guess crazy is the new norm. Thank you all for being @Corrie and I's anchor the past few months. This community is amazing. We hope you are all doing well and finding the right kind of adventure. The Overland Bound app is out there. You guys...
  18. Michael

    US West Test. Please ignore.

    Test ignore.View Rally Point
  19. Michael

    Cancelled Test Rally Point

    Ignore: App Testing Rally PointView Rally Point
  20. Michael

    Cancelled IGNORE! Test! Pond Adventure

    Pond adventure