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  1. mep1811

    Mission Overland trailer on the trail

    A couple of clips of my Mission Overland trailer on the trail. Turn down the volume on the Camino del Diablo clip. It was sent to me with the music.
  2. mep1811

    US Southwest Camino del Diablo

    Some pictures from last week's trip on the Camino del Diablo. The Mission Overland trailer was great. Plenty of water for three guys to take showers (not together) with plenty to spare.
  3. mep1811

    Badlandsexpeditions in Print

    Below is a link to the articles I've written about different trips. I hope they inspire you to do the same . I hope you enjoy them and welcome your comments and questions. Teaser alert. I have a new one coming out in the next Toyota Trails...
  4. mep1811

    FOR SALE Garmin 276CX with powered mount

    Two year old Garmin 276CX . Recently updated and loaded with topo maps. $450.00 OBO with free shipping. Located in El Paso, TX
  5. mep1811

    Camino del Diablo article in OutdoorX4

    My recent article on a trip on the Camino del Diablo was just published online on OutdoorX4 magazine. I hope you enjoy the article and look forward to your feedback. The Devil's Highway - OutdoorX4 Not included in the online article is this resource section. Planning your Adventure...
  6. mep1811

    SOLD Factor 55 Flatlink

    Factor 55 Flatlink. Never been winched. $110.00 with free CONUS shipping $140.00 on Amazon Located in El Paso Texas
  7. mep1811

    FOR SALE Snowpeak Baja Burner stove

    I have one Snowpeak Baja stove for sale . Works just fine. It is used and has seen real world use. Real world use means the stove has been used to cook on during trips. The stove has been packed as equipment and the sharp edges of the stove have caused small tears in the thin Snowpeak bag...
  8. mep1811

    SOLD Smittybilt Scout trailer loaded El Paso, Texas

    sold sold sold I'm selling my 2019 Scout trailer loaded ready to go. The trailer has about 5K miles. I'm getting another trailer so sadly this has to go. $8500.00 USD Included with the trailer : Very Rare Overcamp RTT with even rarer awning The tent has a new cover and there is a second...
  9. mep1811

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SwitchPro SP-9100

  10. mep1811

    SOLD Scepter MFCs El Paso, TX

    I have two hard to find MFCs for sale , both OD green. $60.00 each plus shipping.
  11. mep1811

    Westcott Designs tire carrier 200 Series Land Cruiser

    I picked up a Westcott designs hitch mounted tire carrier for my 2013 200 Series Land Cruiser. Jeff Westcott personally supervised the fitting of the carrier and explained how it worked. The carrier is strong and rattle free. The D/S tray can be removed and a second spare tire can be fitted ...
  12. mep1811

    SOLD Max Coupler

    SOLD SOLD Selling a Max Coupler . It has about 2K miles on it. These sell for new for $249.00. $185.00 CONUS shipping included. I'm selling because I'm going back to a pintle hitch .
  13. mep1811

    SOLD Midland MXT115 GMRS radio

    I'm selling my GMRS radio. It sat on the dash of my FJ60 for about a year. These are $149.00 new . Yours for $125.00 with CONUS shipping. 2-WAY RADIO - The 15 Watt MicroMobile is equipped with 15 High/Low Power GMRS channels and 8 Repeater Channels for increased communication range...
  14. mep1811

    SOLD 1977 FJ40 $23,500.00 El Paso, TX ready for pickup

    I'm selling my 1977 FJ40 . I'm asking $23,500.00 OBO I've it it since 2005 and it time for a change. I am the third owner , the second owner never drove it , it just sat in his yard. This is a El Paso, TX truck. There is some minor rust in the usual places , most of it is surface. Truck runs...
  15. mep1811

    SOLD 1985 FJ60 Turn key for adventure

    After 20 years, it is time to sell my FJ60. It's been a great vehicle but time for a change. Modified 1985 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60
  16. mep1811

    SOLD NIB Redarc DC/DC BCDC1225D charger

    I'm selling a NIB Redarc DC/DC BCDC1225D charger. Came as part of a planned trailer build that I had to cancel Paid $385.00 My loss is your gain. $350.00 with CONUS shipping.
  17. mep1811

    FOR SALE Blue Sea master switches and Wayteck circuit breakers NIB El Paso,TX

    Came as part of a planned trailer build that I canceled. I'm doing my electrical and don't need these. My loss is your gain. All prices with shipping. Single Circuit Switch $24.00 Dual Circuit Switch $40.00 200 amp panel marine circuit breaker $35.00 40 amp panel marine circuit breaker $35.00
  18. mep1811

    SOLD Redarc DC/DC BCDC1225D charger NIB El Paso,TX

    I'm selling a NIB Redarc DC/DC BCDC1225D charger. Came as part of a planned trailer build that I had to cancel Paid $385.00 My loss is your gain. $350.00 with CONUS shipping.
  19. mep1811

    Arctic Adventures in a Vintage Land Cruiser Part Three

    TCT magazine has published part three of our trip to Alaska and Canada. We are heading home but take a short detour North. Hope you enjoy the article and I welcome your comments. Arctic Adventures
  20. mep1811

    Camp Chef Everest stove on sale at Sam's Club

    Great deal on Camp Chef Everest stoves at sam's Club. This is in El Paso,TX