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  1. lhoffm4

    Diesel Heater Transplant

    Dr., the transplant was a complete success! Took my new Walmart Vevor All-In-One apart and moved it into one of the HF Apache 4800 cases. While doing so, upgraded the motherboard/controller/remote combo as well as the fuel line. Still using the original fuel tank, but I will be swapping it...
  2. lhoffm4

    Merry Christmas All

    May the Spirit of Christmas bring you and yours joy and peace!
  3. lhoffm4

    Electronics Coming Together

    While waiting for some various parts and pieces to arrive to begin assembling a solar generator and a portable diesel heater in a case, I made the mistake of looking through FB Marketplace. I wasn’t planning on pulling the trigger yet, but when opportunity knocks... Picked up a 12V...
  4. lhoffm4

    Proof of concept

    Greeting Programs, Here is the nearly completed “roof-nest”. I welded some pieces of square tube to the corners of the railing, ordered some canopy brackets off Amazon and picked up some chain link fence rails from Home Depot. Threw some mesh netting from the Army-Navy Surplus and now have a...
  5. lhoffm4

    Darn Kids!

    So... I was chatting with my Son before Thanksgiving about the LiFePO4 batteries he helped me order two months back. Thanks to “Let’s Go Brandon” they are probably sitting on a boat off the San Francisco coast still! Anywho, I was chatting with him about looking for another battery power...
  6. lhoffm4

    Winter Camper?

    To date, I have not really been a winter camper. With recent developments in affordable heating options, insulated clothing, 4-season tents and a strong desire to get out and enjoy nature, I have arrived at a point I’d like to give winter camping a real go. I have noticed an extreme decline in...
  7. lhoffm4

    Roof tent liner

    Do any of you roof renters have/use a quilted tent liner! I know Tepui and 23-zero make them, but was looking for input on how well they perform? Also has anyone used one in a tent other than the ones mentioned? I have an Overlander XL from Smittybilt and was trying to determine which liner...
  8. lhoffm4

    Which after market anti-condensation Matt for my rtt?

    Greetings Programs, So I’m looking at some add-ons for the Smitty OL XL, specifically an anti-condensation matt. is there a “best of...” list somewhere? I imagine there is a continuom of good-better-best choices out there. I was looking at the Den-Dry brand on Amazon. Seems a popular...
  9. lhoffm4

    Pulled the trigger on a LiFePO Battery

    Never figured myself for the guy who spends $300 on a 12V battery, but I’m at the point I need one that can do what I need it to do...and not blow a lung trying to lift My Son, who lives in a Solar/off grid place in Northern Idaho, found a local DARPA manufacturing Co. up near Rexburg...
  10. lhoffm4

    Experience with diesel heater needed

    Greetings Programs, Does anyone have hands on experience with the Chinese diesel heaters? Specifically troubleshooting the controller? The one I bought seems to want to stay in a shut down cycle. It won’t stay running beyond about 10 seconds. The manual isnt helpful and none of the vids...
  11. lhoffm4

    Diesel Heater?

    I ordered a 5KW diesel heater that uses a 12V power source to use as a camp/tent heater. I’m seeing good reviews. I know there are smaller units, but I could not find one that was 2KW and is self contained in a box with a fuel tank. The one I ordered also comes with a key fob remote and the...
  12. lhoffm4

    Cogitating on hitch types

    Amigos, while looking over posts and vids about off road trailer builds, I’m thinking about hitches and trying to decide if/why I may want to change mine from the 2 inch ball hitch to a pintle / Luette ring or some other type. Things I’m weighing out: 1- I’ve owned the trailer over 10 yrs with...
  13. lhoffm4

    Roof Deck Idea

    So I watched a YouTube vid (I know I prolly should not have) where a fellow built a full deck over his van, where he could set up removable guard rails, have a table and pedestal chairs like a bass boat would have, etc. It got me thinking (I know I prolly shouldn’t have) so out to the side...
  14. lhoffm4

    Up up and “Am I too far outside the box?

    So I watched a YouTube vid (I know I prolly should not have) where a fellow built a full deck over his van, where he could set up removable guard rails, have a table and pedestal chairs like a bass boat would have, etc. It got me thinking (I know I prolly shouldn’t have) so out to the side...
  15. lhoffm4

    DIY Shower-Reading Room...check

    Not bad if I DO say so myself... having a strong desire to enjoy some of the creature comforts, or at least being motivated to convince my beautiful Wife that overlanding/camping can be comfortable as well as scenic, I have been working on a few projects to enhance or glampify my trailer...
  16. lhoffm4

    Reaching out to solar power gurus

    YouTube is such a great and terrible place to learn and get ideas. I’ve been watching a bunch of off grid vids on solar power set ups for homes but the power requirements seem to be vastly different for campers and overlanding. I don’t yet have a electric cooler for my set up but do have use...
  17. lhoffm4

    Cant afford to buy, so DIY?

    Greetings Programs, Is it just me or are the prices for gear sky rocketing to the point of sheer nuttery, if that is even a thing? Having been out of work due to the Plandemic, don't get me started, I have had to rethink my approach to gearing up for this latest hobby... Overlanding. YouTube...
  18. lhoffm4

    How many have/use a rtt annex?

    Greetings Programs, I am a proud new owner of a Smitty Overlander XL / annex. While I’ve only had it out twice so far, I have sort of come to the realization that if I get into camp at or after dinner time, I don’t feel like setting up the annex. Granted I have not had the set up long enough to...
  19. lhoffm4

    First trip down

    Well the rtt cherry is busted! Finally got to take the overlander XL out for a spin. Upto visit my Son in Rexburg, from Boise. Spent a few days at the Twin Bridges campground. Not the most off the beaten path but great for a field test. I must have not messed up the install too badly. The...
  20. lhoffm4

    Share your rookie knowledge, please?

    NOT "as seen on YouTube", for sure! Back story- Had a widow-maker on Valentines day, 2020. im 54. Spent a month in the hospital right as Covid started shutting down everything. Spent the next 5 months at home, "recuperating". Bout broke me mentally. To pass the time, I think I watched...