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  1. lhoffm4

    Wheel spacers

    My truck is a 3/4 ton 4x4 Silverado. It’s heavy and I haul heavy with it. That said, I did put spacers that changed the lug pattern on an old Ford long bed trailer to an 8-lug Chevy pattern to match my truck. The slightly wider stance of the trailer looks better and makes me think it’s more...
  2. lhoffm4

    Cook Stove

    The Camp Chef line is also very affordable and versatile, if you like propane. I have an Explorer 2 burner. I have a griddle for it. It can handle everything from Coffey to a Crab boil, cast iron pots to sauté pans. Super simple, very durable. Lots of accessories: griddled, grill tops, pizza...
  3. lhoffm4

    Diesel Heater Transplant

    Dr., the transplant was a complete success! Took my new Walmart Vevor All-In-One apart and moved it into one of the HF Apache 4800 cases. While doing so, upgraded the motherboard/controller/remote combo as well as the fuel line. Still using the original fuel tank, but I will be swapping it...
  4. lhoffm4

    Diesel Heater?

    Fitst thing I bought when I got the diesel heater was a CO detector. First thing I did after that was watch all the YouTube’s I could find on them BEFORE firing it up/ even while waiting for delivery (taking into consideration the information sources). Your same concerns and well received...
  5. lhoffm4

    Diesel Heater?

    So now that Christmas and New Years and Two of my Childrens’ birthdays are behind me (and my wallet), I finally got enough parts and pieces together to start the portable diesel heater build. I had been waiting on a commercial mounting bracket but due to its depth (making heater sit too tall in...
  6. lhoffm4

    Post pictures of your camp kitchen

    OB edition? Let’s see pics!
  7. lhoffm4

    DIY 5kw diesel heater in a case.

    would you post some details and pics? I’m working on mine and would like to see some ideas? How has it performed?
  8. lhoffm4

    DIY Cowboy WOK

    Improvise, Adapt, Overcome! Nicely executed!
  9. lhoffm4

    My Little Trailer Build!

    Really Nice Work!
  10. lhoffm4

    Post pictures of your camp kitchen

    Built my table and chuck box about 15 years ago when I was involved in mountain man rendezvous. Also something of a Coleman enthusiast, hence the somewhat customized three burner. Now that I’m getting into this new craze...that is overlanding, I will probably, at some point, start looking at...
  11. lhoffm4

    We have HEAT ☀️

    Looks pretty functional, I will be watching to see how it performs for you. Does it exhaust outside the tent? I winter camped last year with my Buddy Heater, but between the condensation and my paranoia about CO, I only ran it to warm up the sleeping area just before going to bed and just...
  12. lhoffm4

    Rear bumper.

    I guess it would depend on what you want to do. Are you towing a trailer? Doing some rock crawling? Wanting to mount a spare tire or hitch-noun bike rack? The stock bumper with a tow hitch can do all of those things. If you have a winch-bumper on the front and want a matching rear with...
  13. lhoffm4

    Merry Christmas All

    May the Spirit of Christmas bring you and yours joy and peace!
  14. lhoffm4

    Electronics Coming Together

    Funny how the 12v fridge/freezer (no ice required) has a drain plug...?
  15. lhoffm4

    RTT vs Ground tents

    Lots of discussion on this in the threads but the highlights are: PROs- Off the ground, comfortable sleeping b/c of the mattresses, ease of set up/ tear down, features like LED lighting built in, companion annex/tents (for most clamshell style tents), very roomy, durable, saves space inside...
  16. lhoffm4

    Power options

    I just acquired a Bluetti EB70. For a budget friendly entry into solar generators and it ROCKS! Lots of reviews and I can tell you it charges phones, IPad, CPAP, 12v 45L freezer/fridge and my Chinese Diesel Heater with power to spare. I can charge it off the 12V accessory plug in the truck...
  17. lhoffm4

    Electronics Coming Together

    While waiting for some various parts and pieces to arrive to begin assembling a solar generator and a portable diesel heater in a case, I made the mistake of looking through FB Marketplace. I wasn’t planning on pulling the trigger yet, but when opportunity knocks... Picked up a 12V...
  18. lhoffm4


    What about an over-shell contractor rack? I didn’t see one mentioned. That way it bolts to the truck bed rails and not the topper nor the cab. That’s what I started with. Then added an expanded metal deck for storage and for hanging solar panels. Contractor racks are definitely strong...
  19. lhoffm4


    I recently picked up both the Apache 4800 and the 5800 to use one for holding/installing a Chinese Diesel Heater and the other is destined to contain my solar generator with the LiFePO4 batts I ordered off AlliExpress. They are pretty stout boxes. I watched a few YouTube’s on comparing the...