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  1. MA_Trooper


    Hey everyone, Please post (submit) your route and please try to follow the example below with as much info as you can, BUT you must have a kml/gpx to download or your post will be deleted, once checked/approved your route will be moved to the downloadable section. The shining example of what we...
  2. MA_Trooper

    2018 East DIY Contest Results

    Sorry for getting to this so late. A lot of changes/business over the last couple weeks and the judging ended up on the back burner. As mentioned there are prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. 1st Prize = $75 gift certificate to the store. 2nd Prize = Adventure is Necessary...
  3. MA_Trooper

    Changing of the Guard

    Hey East! By now, most of you have seen that I have taken a new role within the community. Online Community Director. You've likely also noticed that @Hank Outdoors has stepped in to take over as the East Region Director. This was not an easy decision to make. I really enjoyed my time as...
  4. MA_Trooper

    US East East Region Spring Meetup: New Jersey - 04/25/2019

    This is the spring meetup for the region. We will be camping, riding some trails, doing some trail cleanup/maintenance, and having some fun outside. We are capping the rig count due to camping restrictions. But if you want to come out for a day you are more than welcome. *As a reminder, the...
  5. MA_Trooper

    East Region DIY Contest

    ****Deadline set for 1/11/2019***** Alrighty folks. Despite the first two attempts being flops, you've been on my case about giving the DIY contest one more shot. We've made some adjustments, I created a form (to make things easier for you) and we've added prizes to the mix. Not sure yet what...
  6. MA_Trooper

    East Region Q4 Update

    It’s been a bit of a wild year. One that has moved pretty quickly, and now we find ourselves in homestretch. With the holidays arriving, and schedules turning from time away in the woods to celebrations with family and friends, we have a brief moment to breath and reflect on what we’ve done this...
  7. MA_Trooper

    East Region Fall Roundup (2nd Annual) - 10/05/2018

    This year, the annual fall roundup will be in NY. Join us as we celebrate the end of another great season. View Rally Point Details
  8. MA_Trooper

    RTT Open off Side or Back?

    My RTT currently opens off the passenger side. It works fine that way. I want to gain a little space on the roof and to do that I will need to turn the tent 90 degrees and have it open off the back. I realize there are pros and cons either way. I will have to cut the track that is used to attach...
  9. MA_Trooper

    Photography Forum Updates and new Sub

    Hey folks, We had the idea to add a subforum to "Overland Photography" for posting work that we want critiqued. This is intended for folks who want to improve their photography skills to have some of their work looked at by the rest of the community and to have constructive criticism. Please...
  10. MA_Trooper

    Question for the Subaru owners

    Hey Subaru folks, I found a 2000 Legacy Outback with 166k on it for 600 bucks. I have concerns though. The owner has been driving it for a while while filling up the coolant frequently. So I know it needs the head gasket (he stated as much). I'm concerned that driving it that way for a while has...
  11. MA_Trooper

    Region East Fall Roundup - 10/13/2017

    We will be camping at Getaway Mountain & Campground (I told you it was going to be different) on Friday and Saturday night. There will be a couple routes of varying difficulty to run together on Saturday, or you can just relax in camp and enjoy the beautiful fall air. View Rally Point Details
  12. MA_Trooper

    Wanted 6 Person Tent

    Hey Everyone! I am in need of a much larger tent than what I have for my growing family. And before I drop $$$$ on a new one I was hoping some of y'all had a good one in need of a new home. What I am looking for. Capacity: 6 or 8 person Material: I don't much care as long as its waterproof (This...
  13. MA_Trooper

    Trees and Coffee (Eastern Mass Meetup) - 08/19/2017

    Brew up some coffee, grab a comfy camp chair and lets all hang out for a bit at Leominster State Forest. View Rally Point Details
  14. MA_Trooper

    Region East Winter Run Ideas

    Ok, I know some of you like to brave the conditions and do some winter travel and camping. And in keeping with my thoughts on doing a regional trip every season, I want to start trying to plan something for this winter. I have no idea what it will look like at this point. So for now, I want to...
  15. MA_Trooper

    Region East - July 5 Update

    I hope everyone had a great Independence Day! There isn't a ton to post in this update. Meetups: There are several meetups going, which is awesome. I would like to get a handle on where they are and who is running them in a spreadsheet or something so I can point folks to the happenings in...
  16. MA_Trooper

    Event Cancelled - Rigs at Redhook

    A Cars and Coffee style meetup where the cars are more like rigs and the coffee is more like beer...
  17. MA_Trooper

    Event Cancelled - Eastern Mass Meetup

    Meetup at TBA on TBA.
  18. MA_Trooper

    FOR SALE Black Diamond Icon IPX7 Headlamp (Austin TX, will ship to lower 48)

    I have the older version of the Black Diamond Icon IPX7 waterproof headlamp. $60 ($65 shipped to lower 48) High = 320 Lumens Low = 50 Lumens Red light is dim-able
  19. MA_Trooper

    FOR SALE 3 Knives for sale (Austin TX, Will ship to lower 48)

    I have 3 knives for sale. All of them are used and show signs of use but have a lifetime of hard work left in them. Willing to ship in the lower 48 US. Buyer pays shipping. 1 - CRKT M16-12ZER Tanto Blade with TRIPLE POINT™ SERRATIONS (safety orange) - $30 2 - Gerber Folding Knife slim - $10...
  20. MA_Trooper

    Eastern Mass Monthly Meetup - 06/15/2017

    Hangin' out at Smashburger in the Sherwood Plaza Shopping Center to kick some tires and eat some burgers. Sorry I forgot to get this out to y'all. Super short notice. View Rally Point Details