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  1. two7overland

    F150 - work in progress- almost done!

    I was looking at some N-Fab ones but I'll look into rocky road for sure. Thanks man!
  2. two7overland

    F150 - work in progress- almost done!

    I really think it might come down to the make of the bumper itself. The one I have from barricade is pretty well ventilated. I've had it on the truck for 5 months now, I'll definitely make a post if something happens!
  3. two7overland

    F150 - work in progress- almost done!

    Nope! I haven't removed my intercooler or had to upgrade or relocate. Haven't noticed any issues with overheating. My mpg went down a little (due to the added weight) but haven't noticed any issues!
  4. two7overland

    Illinois Indiana Overlanding

    Up in copper harbor Michigan there's a small worthwhile trail on the Keweenaw Rocket Range. Usually its not too busy but a good place to pitch a tent for the night.
  5. two7overland

    F150 - work in progress- almost done!

    Hi all, I'm fairly new to the overland bound community but I've always been fascinated with the concept of overlanding and offroading. The truck has been a work in progress but I'm damn near done with it. It's built on a 2016 2.7l ecoboost f150 and despite it being such a small engine it still...
  6. two7overland

    Drill thru roof rack install

    Hey guys, I've got a smittybilt rack on my truck that I've attached to some cross bars to temporarily affix it. Well I recently purchased the correct mounts from smittybilt to anchor it to my roof, and since its warming up out here I think its about time to install it. Any tips to keep it as...
  7. two7overland

    Ford F-150 Lariat FX4 build thread

    Very nice looking truck! I've got a 2016 ecoboost I'm turning into an overland rig. How do you like the leveling kit? I'm looking into doing that or a 3"lift from rough country. Just installed a rigd tire carrier on the truck to mount my matching spare. More mods to come!
  8. two7overland


    Thanks for the heads up!
  9. two7overland


    Hi, my name is Ryan! Location: Northwest Indiana Rig: 2016 F150 2.7l ecoboost Experience: Novice. I've always had a fascination with overlanding and offroading which stemmed from seeing old videos of camel trophy trucks when I was a kid. Slowly building up my rig and getting out when I have...