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  1. adventure_is_necessary

    Trails to hit while at Expo West

    Heading out tomorrow at zero dark:30 from KCMO in hopes to make it just outside of Albuquerque before I need to crash in one of the NF's. I have some suggestions for trails near Flagstaff to hit but wanted to open up for more suggestions. If anyone is planning on going and will let me tag along...
  2. adventure_is_necessary

    1999 Toyota Land Cruiser 100 Series

    After driving my 2004 Jeep WJ for about 5 years, I knew it was time for a change. Between adding a lot of road miles in for trips, a lack of complete comfort, a lack of space, a lack of aftermarket support, and adding kiddos into the mix, I needed something more capable. I knew what I wanted out...
  3. adventure_is_necessary

    Rig ideas

    I am hoping to gain some ideas on my next rig. I do mild to moderate trails, but I'm no rock crawler. I have considered a van, but the lack of off-road capability turned me off to them. I am strongly considering a Land Cruiser, either 80 or 100 series, or importing a HZJ75 troopy. I am unaware...
  4. adventure_is_necessary

    Northwestern Arkansas camping/trail advise needed!

    I am going on a solo trip next weekend in the NW part of Arkansas in the Ozark NF and Ouachita NF. I am traveling from central Kansas. Anyone recommend some good places to camp? I have 2 nights to plan for, and I plan on moving sites each night unless I find a premium site. Hoping to have a fire...
  5. adventure_is_necessary

    CB Coax question

    I have had a CB on my rig for some time without much for issues. Recently I noticed that one of the PL259 male ends has begun to crack around the retaining nut. I have begun to look for a better option, not only with quality, but also with routing. I have just ran the cable from the CB in/on the...
  6. adventure_is_necessary

    Jeep WJ ARB bumper questions

    This might be a long-shot, but with my idea of adding the ARB Bullbar bumper to my WJ, I had a few questions. 1. Recovery points: What can I do for recovery since the points on the bumper appear to just be tow rated and not rated for recovery. 2. Radiator protection: From what I can tell in...
  7. adventure_is_necessary

    Last minute meet-up

    I know it's last minute and all, but if you have free time this Saturday, my local overlanding group, Konza Overland, is holding a little meet and drive event. 130 miles of some chunky, rough back roads.
  8. adventure_is_necessary

    Rand McNally intelliroute TND 730

    Anyone have any experience with the Rand McNally intelliroute TND 730 GPS? I happened upon it for free and it is in working order. I am working on upgrading my nav setup as I typically run off paper maps/atlas's and use Gaia and Google Earth on my iPhone. I have been considering setting up my...
  9. adventure_is_necessary

    Control Arms

    With the potential of needing new control arms (or at least the bushings), I had a thought about which route to go. Since I'm running an OME spring lift on my WJ, I was able to retain the stock control arms. I knew given the age of the rig that I would have to do something at some point with...
  10. adventure_is_necessary

    Dealing with rig cancer...AKA RUST

    How does everyone deal with rust? I have some rust on the underbody I know I need to deal with soon. While it's just surface rust, I need to deal with it ASAP since winter will be upon us before I know it. My experience tells me to hit it with a wire cup brush to knock all of what I can off...
  11. adventure_is_necessary

    OB Approved Overlanding/Camping with a dog

    Overland Bound Community, My name is Lucas and I am here to talk about Overlanding/Camping with a dog. While it is an easy decision to bring your 4-legged companion along, there are some things to consider before you do. #1: Is your dog healthy enough for travel and the adventure? I.e. Up to...
  12. adventure_is_necessary

    DIY Breather Extension

    Hey all, I am beginning my breather extension project. This process is borrowed from a local overland group member given the simplicity and low cost. This is based around a simple pencil air manifold off of Amazon. This is basically the heart of the ARB breather manifold but with the ability to...
  13. adventure_is_necessary

    Rendezvous in the Ozarks

    Rendezvous in the Ozarks Check it out! I know the Rally was a few weeks ago here, but I figured I'd bring this up. Might be a stretch for some of you, but since I'm Kansas, it's not too far for me. Might be hitting this up since I didn't make it to the Rally.
  14. adventure_is_necessary

    Wanted ISO triple locked FZJ80

    I am on the hunt for a triple locked fzj80. I have been able to source ones without lockers, and I would go that route if I have to, but I am hoping to score one with the factory lockers before I jump on a lower mile one without the lockers. Hoping to find one within the next year.
  15. adventure_is_necessary

    What is the Land Cruiser to get?

    I am looking at upgrading to a Land Cruiser. I am partial to the 80 series, but knowing how poor the mpg's are, I have turned my attention to a 100 series. However, I am open to any of the LC series if they check all the right boxes. I'm wanting to retain as good of mgp's as I can and it seems...
  16. adventure_is_necessary

    OB Members Kansas

    Hello my fellow Kansans and Rocky Mtn members, I created this thread for you to introduce yourself. Tell us all about you, your family, and your rig. Share some pictures and get to know others in our state, as well as region. I will start us off. I learned about overlanding back in probably...
  17. adventure_is_necessary

    New phone case

    I am due for a new phone case. I have been using LifeProof for probably 5 years and loved them up until I started having issues with the microphone on my iPhone 7 Plus. I have dealt with it for some time thinking it was just the phone crapping out. NOPE! The silly phone case is to blame. I only...
  18. adventure_is_necessary

    Front Runner discount???

    Anyone have a discount from Front Runner? I want to test out a Wolf Pack but I don't want to pay $20+ for shipping on a $40 item. I'm kicking myself for not picking any up at Expo...
  19. adventure_is_necessary

    Diamond Creek Rd. Peach Springs, AZ

    In the small town of Peach Springs, AZ, about 2 hours west of the Grand Canyon Village, is Diamond Creek Road. There was little info out on the web about this from what I found, but what I did find was that you would need to purchase a permit as it is on Hualapai Indian Reservation land. This is...
  20. adventure_is_necessary

    Easy recipes

    My recent trip to OXW allowed my crew and I to try out a few easy recipes. We opted to prep it all out ahead of time and freeze it to maintain a solid temp in the RTIC cooler. (side note: when we got home after 10 days, things were still cold and partially frozen). Cauliflower taco bake - saute...