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  1. DevilDodge

    Elk State Forest Pennsylvania

    On to my next adventure area. Got the day use map and am starting to plan a route. Another area not yet covered by the Purple Lizard. So, right off I got a question. Ridge Road campsites. Any one know anything about them. They do not show up in searches or on the interactive camping map I...
  2. DevilDodge

    Covering 343 miles, 5 state forests and 4 Purple Lizard maps...mostly dirt

    So I decided to get out to Loyalsock. It is a 2 hour highway drive. But who wants to drive the highway. So, starting in Rothrock going through Bald Eagle up through Pine Creek and then over to Loyalsock and across is about a 14 hour dirt road extravaganza. So that is too much for a day...
  3. DevilDodge

    THE GAP...where purple lizard has not mapped.

    I have many threads about the forests of Pennsylvania. And this is a supplement to Connecting the forests in Central Pennsylvania. I have thoroughly explored the lizard maps...and have learned so much from them. THE GAP, the area between the Moshannon/Quehanna map and the Pine Creek map/Bald...
  4. DevilDodge

    Fall foliage, vistas and 4x4 High Clearance trails. An easy route in Bald Eagle State Forest and nearby Rothrock SF

    FALL FOLIAGE, VISTAS AND 4X4 HC TRAILS Thought I would share a route I take in the fall and early summer to check out the beauty of PA. I have had both my RAM 2500 and Jeep Cherokee on these trails. So they are Full size and cute ute friendly. Expect pinstripes on full size and Poe Paddy...
  5. DevilDodge

    Connecting the forests in Central Pennsylvania

    Just wanted to brainstorm with my plan. I have been scouting out the area making sure I get plenty of time in the forests while I wait for the opportunity to make it a trip. I always hear that Pennsylvania just doesn't offer the experiences the west does. But I noticed a lot of people...
  6. DevilDodge

    Loyalsock State Forest in a RAM or 2

    Just got my Purple Lizard Map for another place to off pavement travel/dispersed camp. Can not wait to get out there and adventure.
  7. DevilDodge

    Tuscarora State Forest in a RAM or 2

    Looking to spend some time scouting here. Purple Lizard maps will be finishing up their Map soon and will be available for purchase in the summer. Anyone spend some time here? Can not wait to get tires in dirt here.
  8. DevilDodge

    Buchanan State Forest in a RAM or 2

    Starting to gather information for a trip here. Got some maps being sent my way. Got all my scouting done in Rothrock and Bald Eagle. Hoping to get here soon... Anyone have any experience? We are probably going to be adding ATV to our equipment list, and they have 2 ATV trails.
  9. DevilDodge

    Jeep Gladiator Top Dog overland concept
  10. DevilDodge

    Off pavement travel/dispersed camping Rothrock and Bald Eagle State Forest in Pennsylvania.

    Not going to be as spectacular as some, just a 2 day one night trip with my son.(age 7) Starting in Rothrock and headed to Bald Eagle where we we will spend the night. Vehicle will be a 2015 RAM 2500 Tradesman. Camping in a ground tent. Can not wait to go. Got the permit and the gas in the...
  11. DevilDodge

    Pine Creek Purple Lizard Map...

    I spent some time plotting a course with the Pine Creek map by purple lizard. Anyone not familiar with the area the map is the area that includes the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. It is from Interstste 80 North to New York. As I was looking at it I noticed quite a few areas if...
  12. DevilDodge

    Ticks, Snakes, Bears

    Thought I would see where a discussion about the nuisances, dangers and beauty of Eastern American wildlife would take us. Ticks. Annoying and pretty much useless. Never saw one (except on a farm dog and deer) until 2006 when I went to Carman school for the railroad in Georgia. First one I ever...
  13. DevilDodge

    Gathering information/thoughts/ experiences/unique, must see things for a planned trip around Central Pennsylvania(all of PA and surrounding states)

    I have a few threads already for trip planning. I started with a plan to see one of the most popular in PA (Bald Eagle) which grew to include an adjoining one (Rothrock). After researching Rothrock I realized that I have spent much time in State Forests in PA, but wasn't seeing the Forest for...
  14. DevilDodge


    As we set out exploring and camping one of the things we like to find are firetowers. So, figured I would start a thread to see if any other East region members like to find them too. This one is on fire tower road in Blandburg, PA. My son and I like to hike the short trail up to it and...
  15. DevilDodge

    Members with information/experience/interest in Pennsylvania State Forests for off pavement travel/dispersed camping

    I have been keeping track of people who have helped with or shown interest in my ramblings and in the Pennsylvania State Forests in genral. The 4 most popular Forests seem to be Bald Eagle Michaux Moshannan Rothrock The Allegheny National Forest is also popular...being in the Susquehannok...
  16. DevilDodge

    Bloomsburg 4x4 Jamboree

    Wandering if anyone attends. Last year was my first year and it is now a ritual that coincides with my decades long trek to Chrysler@Carlisle (they are the same weekend) It is more geared to just 4x4 vehicles...but there are some outfitters that seem to have knowledge of overlanding. My son...
  17. DevilDodge

    Moshannan State Forest in a RAM or 2 So, got the email sent to receive info about motorized camping here. This will also be on the list to explore. More info to come...if anyone has experience here please post.
  18. DevilDodge

    A Tradesman for off pavement travel/dispersed camping.

    I have a few threads for my trip planning, so figure it is time for a place to gather thoughts on the "build". 2015 RAM 2500. It is a Crew Cab with an 8 foot bed, so it definitely qualifies as full figured. Power comes to it from a 392 cubic inch HEMI. Of course they did away with the manual...
  19. DevilDodge

    Rothrock to Bald Eagle connection

    This will be the trip planning for a extended trip with overnight stays and daily exploring that will be an attempt to off pavement travel from the begining of one to the end of the other. Looks like it is possible according to the maps I have. Will need to get some tires in the mud to see for...
  20. DevilDodge

    Rothrock State Forest in a RAM or 2

    So, before I have been able to make my first planned trip, I got a curveball. So another member was asking how to connect BESF with Rothrock. Then i realized, hey, I could do this and incorporate one of my favorite state park campground, Trough Creek. Just emailed for the public uuse and...