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  1. reaver

    12v Basics

    The intent of this post is to help those who aren't very familiar with how 12v systems work, or where to start whe the it comes to building and wiring a 12v system. 12v basics Automotive electronics work on a 12 volt system. This is different than the 120v system in your house. 12v is...
  2. reaver

    Reaver's DIY adventure box!

    A little back story... For the last few years, my family of three (myself, wife, and 4yo daughter) have been camping using my 2003 Nissan Xterra adventure rig. Getting everything we need for a 4 day trip into the X is a challenge, to say the least. Tent, fridge, water, dog, sleeping gear...
  3. reaver

    US Northwest Boise Area Fire tower Camping Trip

    Hey Treasure Valley Peeps! I'm thinking about doing a two night trip through the Boise National Forest in October. First night, we'd be camping up at the Hawley Mountain fire lookout, and would work our way down to the Bald Mountain Fire Lookout, and camp just down from the lookout. The whole...
  4. reaver

    Inexpensive Fridge Slide

    I just stumbled upon this inexpensive cargo/fridge slide, and was wondering if anybody has any experience with it?
  5. reaver

    Electrical system advice needed

    As I start building out my rig, I've started to think about an auxiliary electrical system. Ultimately, I've decided against installing a dual battery system for the time being. Instead, much of my campground electrical needs will be handled by my rockpals 500w power station. I plan on...
  6. reaver

    Reaver's 03 Xterra XE "Gamora" build thread

    I just realized I don't actually have a build thread going.... A little back story. I got into overlanding after buying a 2004 Chevy Colorado z71 (which I still drive almost daily). I went on many awesome trips with it, but discovered it has some major weaknesses that are VERY expensive to...
  7. reaver

    US Northwest Western Wa (Seattle Area) - Tent Trailer

    I have an old tent trailer that I need to get rid of. My parents are selling their house, and I live in Idaho, and don't have a vehicle that can really tow the trailer. There's a decent amount of good stuff that still works in the trailer, including the stove, icebox, heater, sink/water tank...
  8. reaver

    What's your latest camping gear purchase, and what caused you to buy it?

    As the title suggests, I'm looking to start a discussion about purchasing camping gear, and the reasoning behind it. I figure this might help other news like myself think about what they're buying and why, and possibly give folks ideas on how they can further streamline their setup. I'll start...
  9. reaver

    Help me understand auxiliary electrical systems...

    So, in my quest to build my colorado into an off the grid expedition rig, I've been on a mission to gather at least a rudimentary understanding of vehicular electrical systems. I know that drawing a map and planning things out is key to a successful build. Eventual accessories include a...
  10. reaver

    Looking for some easy to get to dispersed camping sites in South Western Idaho

    As the title suggests, I'm looking for some recommendations for dispersed camping in south western Idaho, preferably within a couple hours drive of Boise/Nampa/Caldwell. Were starting to introduce my 3 year old to camping in a few weeks, and after that, are looking to go again. While...