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  1. static

    OZtent Eyre vs RX series?

    It looks like the OZtent Eyre series is an entry-level version of the RX series. Does anyone have any experience with them? They aren’t exactly cheap, but at several hundred dollars less than a similar-sized RX, I’m curious what the trade offs are.. Kris
  2. static

    New gadget

    Looking forward to trying his bad boy out…
  3. static

    My T4R build thread

    This is my 4Runner. There are many like it but this one is mine. I’m starting with a 2021 4Runner Venture. Still pretty much stock. We’ve been on two trips so far: an overnight to Hull Mt in Mendocino National Forest to dial in our initial camping setup for a 3-week trip to Idaho and Wyoming...
  4. static

    Dog crates/vehicle restraints?

    I’m looking for ways to protect my dog in an accident. Crash rated crates are bulky and expensive, so before I pull the trigger I’m curious if anyone has found any especially overland-friendly options. My dog is around 60lbs.
  5. static

    SF Peninsula 4x4 shop recs?

    I recently joined the OL ranks with a 2021 4Runner Venture. I’ve been on one trip already and it’s very capable in stock form, but I'm eager to make it my own :) I plan to have regular maintenance done at the dealer for the time being, but can anyone recommend a good shop on or near the SF...
  6. static

    OB1 app "Bug" reports ONLY

    Not sure it this is the right place for bug reports. If there is a better place for this let me know & I’ll resubmit… There seems to be a problem using OB1 on more than one device at a time. I have an iPad and an iPhone and I use OB1 on both of them. The problem is, after I access it on one...
  7. static

    Learning to wrench for field repairs and DIY installs

    It seems a big part of the fun (for some anyway) is building out your overland vehicle exactly as you want it, with your own hands. Also, the nature of overlanding means being ready to make repairs in the field. I’m reasonably handy, but have very little experience working on automotive...