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  1. OverlandDeparture

    WTB Gazelle T4 tent

    I know it might be a stretch but if anyone bought one and ended up not liking it, I’d be willing to buy it from you.
  2. OverlandDeparture

    Overland Expo WEST camping

    If anyone has ever been to Expo West, what is the on site camping like? This would be my first time going. Im checking the FAQ page for some answers but id also want an insiders perspective. Id be running a ground tent but it makes it seem like the camp spaces are super close together. are pets...
  3. OverlandDeparture

    Airing down E load tires.

    So I have some KO2s that are E loaded and I was told these can’t air down much due to sidewall heat building up from too much flex. But can they be aired down for off-road use at obviously slower that road driving speeds. Maybe even 20psi? Just curious if anyone’s ever ran E load tires on...
  4. OverlandDeparture

    Why do you Overland?

    Not sure if this thread has been made already, but im just curious what maybe got you into overlanding in the first place and what keeps you out there? For myself, its simply a break from the modern day. A break for the negativity, a break from social media, a break from bills and schedules. It...
  5. OverlandDeparture

    Drug paraphernalia located at camp site (Arizona)

    So i never thought id ever see something like this at a popular camp site. Took the girlfriend out for a sunset night drive through a trail. Pulled over at a camp site to set up shop, didnt stay long once we saw the disgust that was left there. we were shocked that someone would just leave all...
  6. OverlandDeparture

    Overlanding with Anxiety

    not sure where i should have put this but maybe here. Anyways, i travel with my girlfriend who has anxiety. She get anxious/nervous when out in more remote (no cell service) types of areas. I recently went out and bought a Garmin InReach Explorer to help ease her worry since we can have people...
  7. OverlandDeparture

    Tire size question/advice.

    So i have a 16 F150 XLT 4x4. its running stock wheels/tires and has no lift or level. The current tire size is 245/70R17. I have been thinking about putting on either 265/70R17 or even going 33in and putting on a 285/70R17. Im shooting for either a KO2 or Ridge Grappler. but open to other tire...
  8. OverlandDeparture

    F150 XLT 4x4 build

    Just bought a 2016 F150 XLT 4X4. It came with the Ford 36 gallon tank vs the standard 23 gallon. so thats nice. I want to put some larger tires on it. Probably gonna be some KO2s. It has the 17in rim but was wondering if anyone here knows the biggest you can go without rubbing? I plan to put a...
  9. OverlandDeparture

    F150/250 for Overland rig?

    So im pushing a Jeep right now but want to get a truck as a work and overland rig. Im a big Ford guy (i know, i know lol) Wanted some opinions on using an F150 as a overland rig. I see a lot of Raptors but has anyone ever used or seen a simple 4x4 F150/250 XLT, King Ranch or anything as such...
  10. OverlandDeparture

    Best tablet for navigation?

    Im currently using a Samsung Tab A from 2018 that is my dedicated nav device. Ill be getting a Garmin Reach soon enough as well. the tablet is rather slow and ive been thinking about maybe an ipad mini? any ideas?
  11. OverlandDeparture

    Flagstaff, AZ

    Heading up for a 4 day trip to Flagstaff in a couple weeks. Been looking at some camp spots both paid and unpaid. Gonna have my parents out there this time to get outside since COVID has em inside a lot. My mother doesnt like to "rough it" as me and my dad are into so we may end up staying at a...
  12. OverlandDeparture

    Jurassic Park #13

    Almost done with my 3 day overland rig. Nothing fancy but she's a clever girl.
  13. OverlandDeparture

    Greetings from Kentucky.

    Howdy everyone, my name is Adam. Just moved to KY from Arizona. Born and raised down in southern AZ where i did plenty of hunting, hiking, camping and trail riding with family and friends. New to the KY area and still learning the area. Anyone nearby knows of any trails then shoot me a message...