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    Modifying a pickup to be a SUT

    I really like the Chevy Avalanche but want manual transmission. If I get a Silverado or a Tundra how hard would it be to install drop down seats & drop down metal wall so that it has the same feature as the Avalanche?
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    Modifying old pickup 4 new bed accessories

    Hey everyone I've noticed that all the cool bed accessories that I would want to put on a truck aren't compatible with the older trucks. I haven't decided on a truck but I know that I want it to be standard transmission and a gas engine and I want to be able the work on it myself I'm leaning...
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    Seat conversion

    Has anyone ever converted the front seats in a pickup to swivel seats like on a RV/motorhome? This would make for a nice dinning room in a crew cab
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    Chevy vs Ford vs Toyota pickup

    FYI: I think this is the 4th thread I started trying to help me decide on the best rig for me - with the help of this community I'm almost at a decision. I originally liked Toyota because one user drove his tundra for 1 million miles over 8 years and because a Toyota towed a space shuttle. I've...
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    Choosing a pickup

    Hey everyone So I decided that I want a full size pickup, now I need to decide on a make. I want something that has the front seat off the floor; in other words I'm going for the caravan setup & avoiding the sedan or Tacoma setup. Will a tundra be comfortable for me? Happy trails, Nicholas
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    Off road mid-size vs off road full size

    Hey everyone, Previously I had a plan to build a go anywhere rig from a mid size pickup but a mechanic put some doubt in my mind. He said that while a mid size will fit on ATV trails these trails are usually privately owned in Canada and that most land owners discriminate against any size...
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    Minimum clearance

    Hey everyone, So I want to build a rig with enough clearance to go anywhere in Canada but I also have concerns with my build being so top heavy that it rolls over if I take a turn on a windy day Does any one have any advice as to ball park figure minimum clearance to shoot for? Best regards, Nick
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    Best vehicle for my needs

    Hi everyone, I'm so happy to have found this forum. On to my question: My needs: 1)I want a vehicle that I can take anywhere including ATV trails. 2)I also want a super reliable vehicle 3)a pull out kitchen for camping I won't need a mattress because I sleep in a hammock & I don't need a...