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  1. loper

    Idaho Outdoor Experience

    Anybody know anything about this event? 10-12 September in Bonner's Ferry, 100 bucks a head. I'm not affiliated or advertising, I just saw it on facebook and thought it looked interesting. The flyer says it has all the usual goodies, classes, trails, vendors, etc.
  2. loper

    Finally got out in the van

    More camping than overlanding, but we did get out for a few days on the North Fork of the Boise river. We got the chance to evaluate our planned build, and see what we're missing/what we don't actually need. One disappointing note was the amount of trash we picked up around the camp and on...
  3. loper

    Any radio wave propagation gurus on hand?

    Got a question about antenna ground planes. We are adding a fiberglass high top to a van. We will also have a rack that mounts to the drip rails. When they cut out the steel roof for the high top, we are leaving about two feet of the original roof intact in front (over the driver/passenger...
  4. loper

    Our van build

    So we finally started making some progress on our van project, building a 2000 E350. Started out as a plain jane cargo van. The plan is a 20" Fiberine top, 4X4 conversion, light camper build (bed, counter, sink/stove, fridge, electrical system). So far I've done some fix-it stuff, added flip...
  5. loper

    Found the right thing in U.K., how do I get it in U.S.?

    Hi folks! My wife found a great sink/burner combo in one of her watched sites, but it seems to be a U.K. only thing. This is what we're looking for, a Dometic SMEV 8821 sink/hob. Googling this I found only U.K. sites, and...
  6. loper

    Increasing fuel capacity

    Stupid question time... I am building a 2000 E350 4x4 van. The stock gas tank (mid-mount) has to be shortened to clear the transfer case, leaving about 30 gallons of capacity. With a V 10, that equals a pretty short range. The obvious answer is to hang some gas cans on the back, but I don't...