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  1. WheelMe

    Mojave Road - Fall 2021

    Is anyone planning on running Mojave Road this fall (October or later), east to west?
  2. WheelMe

    Death Valley Camping Trip

    Spring Break - what better time to visit Death Valley? With about three weeks' planning, we were on our way, in our 6-speed manual trans. 2005 Nissan Frontier 4x4 Pickup, with 200+K miles on the clock. It's equipped with full OME Medium Duty suspension (2.5" lift), full skid plates and...
  3. WheelMe

    Dispersed Camping Near Race Track, DV

    Similar to an earlier thread, we're heading to Death Valley later this month (first 4 days of spring break, 4/2~4/5), and I'm also wondering about suitable camping spots. We will have one night of dispersed camping (got a Tepui RTT), and would like to be somewhere along the Hunter Mountain...