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  1. operatorj

    Red River Gorge

    Kentucky. Around Daniel Boone National forest.
  2. operatorj

    Red River Gorge

    Me and my fiancee are heading to Red River Gorge in Novemeber for a weekend getaway in a cabin (I know, I know). Lookong for places to see and possibly some beginner trails. Shes still nervous about overlanding but willing to take some baby steps. Nothing technical but the more scenic the...
  3. operatorj

    Radflo 2.5 coilovers?

    been looking at Radflo 2.5 coilovers with reservoirs to replace my Bilstien 5100's. Who's running them and what you thoughts on them compared to Fox and King's?
  4. operatorj

    Inverter for a 3rd gen Tacoma

    I mounted to the inside bedside. I used heat shrink around the terminals. So far so good.
  5. operatorj

    Inverter for a 3rd gen Tacoma

    The electric cooler we got can do 12V and 110 so I'll do the 12V option. I'm more of a "rather have ot and not need than need it and not have it" type guy so that's why I'd rather just do the 1000W Pure Sine wave inverter now and get it over with lol.
  6. operatorj

    Inverter for a 3rd gen Tacoma

    I've got a Blue Sea panel in the bed (on/off, 12V and double USB. Its wired to a Blue Sea fuse block that's wired to the Northstar battery. Got a 100amp breaker separating the block from the battery. We just got a 12v/110v (does both) cooler/warmer we are going to try out in July when we go...
  7. operatorj

    Eastwood Inverter

    Is anyone running a 1000W pure sine wave inverter from Eastwood? They got them on sale and was thinking of picking one up.
  8. operatorj

    Inverter for a 3rd gen Tacoma

    I'm running a Northstar 27F battery now. Really the mIn thing to run is a box or pedestal fan for now.
  9. operatorj

    Cascadia4x4 or Lensun Solar?

    I'm looking at doing a solar panel on my hood. Cascadia 4x4 and Lensun both make them for the 3rd gen without the scoop. I'm just trying to figure out if one is better than the other? Looks like the Lensun is about $200 cheaper than Cascadia 4x4 which is a plus. Will mostly be used to help top...
  10. operatorj

    Tacoma battery question

    I'm wanting to upgrade to a AGM battery. I've decided on a Group 27F. Now my problem. I know Northstar and Odyssey whoop Optima in every way. However no one in my area carries Northstar (Batteries plus is over a hour away) and Odyssey seem to be out of stock everywhere. I got 3 auto parts stores...
  11. operatorj

    Inverter for a 3rd gen Tacoma

    I have a SR5 model (no bed outlet). I'm going to install one with a 110V outlet and USB charger ports. Mostly charging electronics and maybe the occasional power tool. But not ruling out a fridge in the future. What size and type of inverter would you recommend? Would like to put under the front...
  12. operatorj

    Help sizing an Inverter

    Thanks. Yea I was looking at the 1K pure line from Wagan.
  13. operatorj

    US Midwest Please delete

    Please delete
  14. operatorj

    US Midwest SOLD:BFG KO2's/265/75R16

    SOLD Wanting to sell a set of 4- 265/75R16 (E load) BFG Ko2's. Around 6000 miles on them. No patches or plugs. Removed when I moved up to 285's. Asking $500 Local pickup/delivery in the Bloomington/Bedford Indiana (47436) area.
  15. operatorj

    Help sizing an Inverter

    Hello. I'm wanting to add an inverter to my 3rd gen Tacoma. It will be mostly to charge phone and tablet batteries and run a power tool here or there. My truck is a SR5 so I don't have the factor 120V outlet in the bed so that's something I'll add with the inverter. My question is will a 750w be...
  16. operatorj

    US Midwest NE Kentucky/SE Indiana Trails

    Might be interested in the KAT trip in the Spring. Keep me posted.
  17. operatorj

    US Midwest Beginners meetup with trail ride

    Not far away. Ill try to be there.
  18. operatorj

    Solar Panels

    Ive been looking at these . Thanks for your info. My have to jump on this soon.