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  1. M Rose

    US Northwest Create an RP using OB1 and the web

    You have a trip or get together in mind, but when you click on the Rally Point Button all of a sudden you are more lost than that one time on (insert trip here). Well this call is just for you. I will be going in depth on how to create your own event. View Rally Point
  2. M Rose

    US Northwest New Years Run

    New years day wheeling trip. more details and location to come. View Rally Point
  3. M Rose

    North Country (upper New York State)

    Hey Northcountry, Are very many of you guys active in here? Im thinking of coming up for a visit this spring… let’s get some trip ideas rolling.
  4. M Rose

    Mobile HF questions

    As many of you who have been fallowing along on the “Adventure Machine” might already know, I’m adding Mobile HF capabilities to my comms set up. Right now I have an Icom IC-7100 running ham sticks for each band I want to use. These work ok for 10-20m, but the bandwidth becomes very narrow...
  5. M Rose

    Northwest Fire closures

    The National Forrest Service, BLM, and State Forestry has closed several forests within the region due to fire danger and ongoing forest fires. BLM Oregon and Washington Fire Restrictions All of the Umatilla National Forest is closed to recreational, commercial, and industrial use. Please...
  6. M Rose

    House battery project help needed

    This isn’t exactly Overland related, but my design idea (concept) could translate to an Overland build project. I live full time in a camp trailer at an RV/Trailer Park, so I’m hooked up to shore power 24/7. While this is great because I have converted everything to either run on 110 AC and/or...
  7. M Rose

    US Northwest Tri-Cities 2021 Summer Field Day

    The Spout Springs Repeater Association Field Day Event is near! We begin at 11 AM on Saturday morning June 26th, and conclude 24 hours later, at 11 AM Sunday morning, June 27th. Please join us! View Rally Point
  8. M Rose

    US Northwest PNW SOTA (Summits On The Air) Virtual Gathering

    Ken Hose KI7VEM the northwest Director for SOTA is hosting a zoom meeting for those that are interested in getting into Summits On The Air. Set your display name to your NAME + Callsign Topic: May 20 Virtual SOTA Gathering Time: May 20, 2021 06:30 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada) Join...
  9. M Rose

    US Northwest Grande Ronde Radio Amateurs (W7GRA) Summer Field Day 2021

    Do you have your Amateur Radio License? Are you interested in getting your license? Do you have a radio, but unsure how to use it? Come visit us and get in the air. We will be conducting VE Testing as well as have several stations set up for you to have a chance to Get On The Air (GOTA)...
  10. M Rose

    Ham Radio Adventures WE4DX

    I found out about an online adventuring ham radio club that fits in nicely with overlanding. They are j to doing SOTA, POTA, LHOTA, IOH, as well as DXepeditions. For those of you that don’t know any armature radio acronym that ends in OTA means On The Air. So SOTA is Summits On The Air, POTA...
  11. M Rose

    Eastern Oregon Visitor’s Association Receives Funds For Land Maintenance and Upgrades

    The Eastern Oregon Visitor’s Association was given $25,000 to help prepare for the 2021 camping season in the Avlord Desert, Steins Mountains, Wallowa-Whitman National Forrest, and the Owyhee Region. The monies are to go towards land stewardship and maintenance. I will update this thread when...
  12. M Rose

    Cancelled Nothing here

  13. M Rose

    Cancelled Test

  14. M Rose

    QRP Labs QCX Mini 5W CW transceiver group buy

    My local radio club is looking at purchasing the QRP Labs QCX Mini 5w Transciever for 40m CW operations. If we can get 6 more people interested in buying the kit, we can get a small discount on it. The kit goes for $55.00 normally. If 10 people are interested we can get a 10% discount, and...
  15. M Rose

    Winter Field Day 2021

    Do we have any members participating in Winter Field Day 2021?
  16. M Rose

    New Ham Exam regulations coming

    On December 1st, 2020, the ARRL is changing their VE software for printing tests. The new software change is going to move to a paperless test session. So a lot of clubs will start offering virtual exams on a regular basis. Right now is offering online virtual testing once a week...
  17. M Rose

    Resolved Rally Point Link Not generated on Overland Bound Meetups in OB1

    I created a Rally Point today using the OB1 App. The whole process went very smoothly until I went to view the Rally Point in the Overland Bound Meetups forum. The description of the meetup was there, but no link back to the actual RP where critical information for the meetup is listed...
  18. M Rose

    Cancelled Northwest Monthly Conference Call

    Come Join us to discuss various Overlanding Topics and get to know one another.View Rally Point
  19. M Rose

    US Northwest Everything Just Went Sideways

    What to do when you become stranded in the back country. We are going to cover some basic resources to help in the event your trip just went sideways. What options and tools do we have at our disposal. Do I set up a Support Alert, or contact local authorities for help. What other options...
  20. M Rose

    ARES Fall Set (Saturday October 3rd 8:00 am-2:00 pm PDT)

    ARES conducts two SETs each year; one in the spring and one in the fall. The spring SET was cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions, but the Fall Set is happening on October 3rd. The SET is open to all licensed amateur radio operators weather they are volunteer ARES members or not. We are...