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  1. SorrTrek

    2021 East Coast Toyota Jamboree

    Anyone going? Heading up Friday and staying for the weekend. Will be with my squad, and I know HiluxSurf Offroad will bE there, but checking to see if anyone else is heading to the event. Looking forward to running through AOAA again.
  2. SorrTrek

    Crivit electric cooler

    Has anyone used these and have experience with them. Our local Lidl has them for 50 bucks, has a car jack and outlet plug. Seems like it could be a good option even if it is a bit small. At least for drinks anyway. Anyone use em?
  3. SorrTrek

    Blueridge Overland Gear RTT Rally

    Its happening next weekend, is anyone going? We are looking forward to it.
  4. SorrTrek

    4XInnovations Rock Sliders for 99 T4R

    This project was a long time in the making, but finally got it finished. [/IMG] We welded them together and then mounted, painted them afterwards. I received pricing from an offroad fab shop and an overland shop nearby, and pricing ranged from $400-$800 to mount them. Luckily a friend was...
  5. SorrTrek

    My Recovery Gear Tool Box I have a few tools that I carry now, as well as some survival gear, and winch items. I'm in the process of building a drawer box, but wanted to have a tool box to help move items from truck to trail, and group together. I think it will evolve over...