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  1. Magic Mike


    Spend a few hours with friends in the open air. we can show off the rigs that we have expended so much time and energy on! We can hang out in the sunshine and get reacquainted....View Rally Point
  2. Magic Mike

    Boss StrongBox 4Runner Overland Drawer System

    So about two years ago I was fortunate enough to meet the guys at Boss StrongBox. Boss StrongBox is Southern California based company in Ranch Santa Margarita. The owners of the company Mike and his sons Ryan & Jeff are just super nice guys. While talking to them Ryan told me they were going...
  3. Magic Mike


    Anyone interested in caravanning with us, down to the Mojave Road event please feel free to RSVP and come along for the ride...View Rally Point
  4. Magic Mike


    This is the monthly meet up of Gold Country Overland.View Rally Point
  5. Magic Mike


    This is a Monthly meet-up Everyone is welcome! Our events are social, family friendly, with the goal of teaching essential overlanding skills you will need on the trail or while you travel! We conduct training/practice sessions (see below), frequently have guest speaker subject matter experts...
  6. Magic Mike


    Placer, Sacramento, Yuba, Solano Counties Overland Bound Monthly meetup.
  7. Magic Mike


    On the 9th Gold Country Overland had they're November monthly meetup at Agency6 Inc.. At this meetup @Firemom covered basic First Aid and First Aid kits in general. The meetup went very well, it was very informative and it appeared that everyone who attended enjoyed themselves. I would like...
  8. Magic Mike

    US West Gobi Latter for 5th Gen 4Runner (SOLD)

    Gobi latter for 5th Gen 4Runner, in great shape and has all the pieces. Don't need anymore. $125.00 Local pick-up or will to meet within Reasonable driving distance from Sacramento, California... (SOLD)
  9. Magic Mike


    Gold Country Overlands first Off Road trip, through Nevada, Placer, Yuba and Sierra counties. Experience the beautiful scenery and rich history that the Sierra Neveda's have to offer. Spend the day and maybe a night with great people who also enjoy exploring beautiful Northern California.View...
  10. Magic Mike

    Gold Country Monthly Meetup

    We are looking to gather together those living in the Sacramento Valley, as far out as Marysville & Yuba City. Anyone is welcome but this will give us a good group of who’s local to meet up, see each other’s rigs, and PLAN TRIPS. Our time will be spent learning from instructors and each other...
  11. Magic Mike

    US West Gold Country Monthly Meetup

    Gold Country Overland will conducting some First Aid training during this monthly meetup. @firemom will be instructing during this training, this will training is not for certification, but will give you valuable information on how to deal emergency situations, if they arise while you are out...
  12. Magic Mike

    Canyonlands National Park

    Did a trip to Canyonlands after Overland Expo, it was absolutely breathtaking!
  13. Magic Mike

    US West Vehicle vaults

    BOSS STRONG BOXS: Boxes bolt to each other and are keyed to the same key! Very secure, have locking bolt on both side and side. Box's are located in Auburn, California and due to size shipping is not possible. Local pick up only! Set of Boxes retail for $2,500.00. Both are going for...
  14. Magic Mike

    Help with Recovery

    Is there anyone available to help my friend? He got his rig stuck out off Hwy 20, near interstate 80. Here is his Google maps GPS Coordinates:,-120.7305729&hl=en-US&gl=us Any help would be appreciated!
  15. Magic Mike

    2020 Winter 4X4 Jamboree

    Lets see how big of Overland Bound presence we can bring next year! It’s an awesome event and all the proceeds go to maintaining and keep public lands open for our use!
  16. Magic Mike

    Winter 4X4 Jamboree show us your pics

    My wife Deb (@Firemom) came to this event knowing nothing about it, but have had a great time! Things I thought were going to be boring turned out to be a blast! This was due to the awesome trail leader we had! Austin from Carbon Off road and Don, thank you so very much!
  17. Magic Mike

    Anza Berrego trip

    A few friends and I did a trip to Berrego State Park, if you haven’t been there, it’s a must. Here some photos of our trip!
  18. Magic Mike

    Overland Expo West 2019

    So my beautiful wife @Firemom and I are all registered for Expo and looking forward to going! Give a shout out if your planning on going!
  19. Magic Mike

    FOR SALE (5) 17” Jeep Rubicon wheels for sale

    5- jeep Rubicon wheels. All are in good shape, but have a little rock rash. Local pick up $300.00
  20. Magic Mike

    My 2015 Toyota 4Runner build

    Hello in the Overland Bound community. I have started building my 2015 4Runner. So far I am just in the early stages, but I have managed the following mods: First was a gear storage box, got the windows tinted (glaring sun, YUK) and a TOYTEC BOSS 2.5, extended travel 3" suspension lift with...