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  1. ryanorr280

    5th hen 4Runner snorkels

    I am wanting to add a snorkel to our 4Runner. I don’t “need” one, but at some point, I’ll dip deeper than expected, it happens. My default is the ARB, as I have had personal experience with them on a friends older taco. However, the dobinsons is literally half the price. Does anyone have any...
  2. ryanorr280

    Colorado in October?

    The wife and I are planning to go to Rocky Mountain National Park, camp in the Forest surrounding the park the week of October 10th. Depending how much time we spend here, then head toward the ouray area on a big loop coming home. My real question is, is this a feasible plan in October? This...
  3. ryanorr280

    Anyone have experience with East Coast Gear Supply?

    We have a 5th gen 4Runner on 285/70/17’s. Since swapping to larger tires, it shifts down a lot now. Plus, with the camper when we go to the lake the tranny temp climbs higher than I like. I don’t use overdrive with the camper at all. Rarely even when I have the kayaks on top even after...
  4. ryanorr280

    Western Sections OAT Trip May 3-7

    we did the majority of the western side of the OAT starting May 3. we started off in Davis, OK headed west. here is what we found along the way.. the section that @Offroadnutz had mentioned looked as if you are in someone's field had a closed gate across it. this is in the section while...
  5. ryanorr280

    Anyone do much video of their adventures?

    We have been contemplating doing videos to go along with our trips. We have just taken stills for years now, but kind of want more. We are in the try it and decide stages. I was curious if others do the same? If so, any advice or tips are greatly appreciated. I put this together Sunday after...
  6. ryanorr280

    Let’s see some bridges

    I have a love for the old abandoned bridges that are left behind. We find quite a few on our drives out to places around here let’s see some of them! I’ll start us off with the Carpenter’s Bluff Bridge over the Red River on the Texas/OK state line
  7. ryanorr280

    Oklahoma Adventure Trail Sulphur to Boswell

    We decided to go do some of the OAT this last Saturday. I have been wanting to do it since I discovered it, which coincidentally is how I found OB. we didn’t follow the preset “legs” of it per say, we started close to the house south of sulfur, ok then headed east toward Hugo before turning...
  8. ryanorr280

    Can gmrs and cb share power supply?

    I installed my mxt275 gmrs as well as cobra 75 cb under my console, both controllers near each other. I ran a single power supply to both radios from a free slot in the fuse block, using a fuse tap. Then grounded them at a bolt holding the park break mechanism in place. I also have both...
  9. ryanorr280

    Arkansas camping weekend

    We made a short, weekend trip to Arkansas last weekend. Started at shores lake, up to white rock mountain, then headed toward Cass and wound up camping alongside the Mulberry River Saturday night. It was a good trip, nice to get away from everything for a couple days.
  10. ryanorr280

    Hello from Oklahoma!

    Just joined the site a couple hours ago, been creeping a couple weeks though. I found this site through researching gpx files for AR/OK areas to try to find some trails and camping for weekends. Wife and I have a 2018 4Runner, hasn’t seen any real trails yet. Literally only a couple forestry...