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  1. danbrown

    Clayton Off Road JT rear track bar

    I’m running 37x13.5x17s in my Jeep Gladiator, and have struggled with where to mount my spare tire. I looked at swing mounts on the rear bumper (expensive). And bed mounts (takes up way too much space). The ideal location is under the truck where the stock spare mounts. It keeps the weight low...
  2. danbrown

    Release notes

    Hello, Is there a link/page that shows the release notes for OB1? When a new release comes out there is a notification when you launch the app. However, if you don’t click to read them (or have a fat thumb like me and hit cancel by mistake) there is no way (that I know of, to get them back to...
  3. danbrown

    Rear shelf for Jeep JKU

    Hello, I built a rear shelf for my wife’s JKU so that she would have an area to lash gear down and provide much needed organization. It’s made from 12 gauge sheet for the base, in which I used a plasma cutter to make holes to lighten it. The rails, and frame beneath the bottom plate is 3/4”...
  4. danbrown

    WV trail suggestions

    Hello, I’m not looking so much specific trails, but areas to explore in WV. I live in VA about 1 1/2 hours from WV, entering WV on rt 33, and would like to start exploring/mapping out areas that I can hit as a day trip. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks, Dan
  5. danbrown

    Specify section that opens when launching the app

    Hello, Is there a way to set what section you want to have the app open up to when launched? The app use to open up to the home page for me, and now it opens up to the map, after the latest update (running IOS). Thanks, Dan
  6. danbrown

    Smitybilt 2781 hardwired

    Today’s project was to mount my Smitybilt compressor and hardwire it into my switch bank. I took advantage of one of my Decked “ammo cans”, which fit in the compressor nicely. Only thing I had to do was remove the base. Since the base has rubber grommets and feet to absorb shock, I added an...
  7. danbrown

    Map does not retain zoom level

    Hi, iOS version of OB1. If you are on the map looking to see where members are located, you will typically zoom in to see a group of members that are clustered together. For example, I live near the Charlottesville VA area and I want to see which members are local to me. So I’ll zoom into the...
  8. danbrown

    Link to original post from latest update

    Hi, In the iOS OB1 app if you click on the forums tab you see the latest discussions going on. When you click on one of the discussions you are taken to the latest comment. It would be nice if it would link to the original post or provide a means to read the original post from the latest...
  9. danbrown

    Issues with rear body sway

    I have a 2020 Jeep Gladiator with a 2 1/2” lift running 37s. Since adding a full height Rebel Off-road XPLOR rack and a roof top tent I’ve noticed a considerable amount of sway. Especially when cornering on the road at speed (created some major pucker factor at times). I’ve solved the road...
  10. danbrown

    How to add a pressure switch to a Smitybilt compressor

    Hello! For those of you who have a Smitybilt compressor you know how annoying it is to have it run constantly. Here is a quick DIY project where you can add a pressure switch to it, and move away from the Japanese fittings to standard NPT. Parts needed: (1) Pipe 1/4" NPT Female x M12 X1.25...
  11. danbrown

    A small piece of kit that gives huge piece of mind

    The other day I was wheeling the Bald Mountain Jeep trail in the GWNF (VA). For those of you who are familiar with it know that some of the mud/water crossings can become quite large. About 1/2 way across one puddle (more like a small pond) the water was 1/4 of the way up my doors…and I got...