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  1. danbrown

    US Midwest Flagpole knob Virginia weekend

    Going to be a soggy weekend in the area.
  2. danbrown

    What do you guys do with your dogs?

    We have a 50 pound Treeing Walker Coonhound that sleeps up in the RTT with us. Getting her up and down the ladder is a bit too f a challenge. I have her put her front legs on my shoulders, like she is giving me a hug, and then I can put I hand/arm under her butt for support. The free hand I use...
  3. danbrown

    Spare tire solutions, alternatives?

    Looking at your profile, you have a F150. If you want to keep using the under the bed location, you can. You just need to make some modifications (remove the heat shield and possibly re-route your exhaust). Here is an article that talks about it. How to Fit a Big Full-Size Spare Under Your...
  4. danbrown

    A small piece of kit that gives huge piece of mind

    The valve stem I tore off was a shorty. All it takes is the right stick or rock sitting at the right angle to hit the stem. Will probably scratch up your wheel as well trying to get to the stem. In my case the rock was under water, so I couldn’t see it to avoid it.
  5. danbrown

    Clayton Off Road JT rear track bar

    I’m running 37x13.5x17s in my Jeep Gladiator, and have struggled with where to mount my spare tire. I looked at swing mounts on the rear bumper (expensive). And bed mounts (takes up way too much space). The ideal location is under the truck where the stock spare mounts. It keeps the weight low...
  6. danbrown

    Jackery vs Yeti

    When I looked for a power station I ended up going with a Bluetti EB70 (800w) over Jackery for two main reasons. First, the price. Second, the battery types. Jackery still uses Lithium batteries which has a lifecycle of 500 cycles before it drops to 80%. Bluetti uses a LiFePO4 battery, which is...
  7. danbrown

    Release notes

    Thank you! Forgot that the version history is in the App Store.
  8. danbrown

    Release notes

    Hello, Is there a link/page that shows the release notes for OB1? When a new release comes out there is a notification when you launch the app. However, if you don’t click to read them (or have a fat thumb like me and hit cancel by mistake) there is no way (that I know of, to get them back to...
  9. danbrown

    Rig Photos

    Very nice rig!
  10. danbrown

    Oh, (didn’t see a reference to it when I clicked on your post. They still have a website up and running.
  11. danbrown

    What company?
  12. danbrown

    Reorganizing and reducing gear in my Gladiator for the day umteenth time.

    Reorganizing and reducing gear in my Gladiator for the day umteenth time.
  13. danbrown

    Jet Boil ?

    Not all areas allow you to collect or burn natural materials to make a hot enough fire. Especially in wildfire prone regions.
  14. danbrown

    Jet Boil ?

    The regulator is the piece that screws into stove and you connect your gas bottle to it. On the Genesis it’s rigid. I just replaced it with one that has a flexible hose. No plumbing experience required.
  15. danbrown

    Jet Boil ?

    I have the JetBoil Genesis 2 burner stove. Love it. The reasons why and what I changed after research I’ll share. I originally went with the stove for space savings, control over the flame, and ability to hold two large pans/pots. It did these extremely well! With some research I found the...
  16. danbrown

    Seriously? Overland Spices is something we need?

    What’s needed is Overland Peppers! I like to follow Marco Hernandez and his oh so good looking recipes. The problem I run into is that many of the peppers he calls for are hard to find back East. It also doesn’t help that he says them with a wonderful accent that rolls off of the tip of his...
  17. danbrown

    OB1 App Feedback - Nits - Suggestions

    I submitted a suggestion under mapping and navigation to see if we can get date range added to the map filter. Something that would allow you to filter, for example, show new additions in the last 30 days. There is so much info from the community in the map it would be nice to see what was...
  18. danbrown

    US Midwest Flagpole knob Virginia weekend

    We will most likely see everyone at the top of Flagpole, heading up the Union Springs side. Won’t be able to spend the weekend, but looking forward to meeting people on Saturday.