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  1. Bengt N

    New roof top tent

    Just monted this new roof top tent from out door days
  2. Bengt N

    First trip with the new rig

    Nice summer day in Sweden
  3. Bengt N

    Rig foto

    This morning i let you all have a peek at my new rig. So lovely and so deadly. (A C ) WBR Bengt N
  4. Bengt N

    Roof tent mont

    I am about to get my roof tent monted by the suplier. Now they asking me if i have the solution. They havent Done it on this kind of rack. Is ther any one who have a solution, please post foto if thats the case. Thanks in advance Bengt N
  5. Bengt N

    Keep together

    Is ther a funktion in the app for finding friend when you lost contact in the Woods
  6. Bengt N

    Finding your friend

    Think about it. Finding your trail friend by see the exakt position on the map. That woud be nice Is that possible today WBR Bengt N
  7. Bengt N

    Abandoned Defender

    Yesterday i’d ser a abanddoned Defender 109, 1970. Thinking about a rescue action. Bengt N
  8. Bengt N

    Lending/let out rigs

    Whodunit be nice with an Q&A for Lending/let out our rigs to outer members when they visiting outer countrys Bengt N #30728
  9. Bengt N

    My new kitchen

    My own design and easy to work whith
  10. Bengt N

    Varning up the cabin

    Of you have trouble finding a solution that dont take all power Look up marine suplier you Will find the solution ther WBR Bengt N Sweden
  11. Bengt N

    Defender tackle

    Hallo is there any body out there Nice classic song by the way. Wondering if there is any kind of problem if my rear tyre looks like This after a longer tripp WBR Bengt N Sweden
  12. Bengt N

    Latest news

    Just reread about Land Rover in latest news. My choice will be classic - 110, 2004. Got one my self. Bengt N
  13. Bengt N

    Obandead roads

    Came home yesterday from Done fun on snowy roads My rig looks cold but he is just resting