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  1. genocache

    Need some help near blowing rock or Asheville

    Did you check the fuse? Is it getting power?
  2. genocache

    Does anyone take mountain bikes on overland trips?

    Well,............since I drive a 52 year old vehicle(well maintained) and generally travel alone in the Outback of Nevada, I take my 2003 Titus full suspension mtb as backup if I breakdown or to explore dubious trails. I would love to have an e full suspension fat bike! Waiting on that lotto...
  3. genocache


    Nice picture Konzai! This is the awning I'd probably get if I ever need a new one. Their home website; Awnings Not affiliated.
  4. genocache


    I'd add don't skimp, buy the best you can afford. I have a Rhino Rack Batwing 270 awning, with 1 exception I love it. That exception is the use of brittle plastic hinges. They break just from the weight of the poles and awning. You can read about my experience in my blog; Roaming Nevada 2019...
  5. genocache

    How to carry propane tank

    Yeah, I thought a growler was a bottle one brought from home to fill with draft beer at the bar/brewery.
  6. genocache

    Extruded aluminum build

    If you are handy you can build your own; 80/20 T-slot Aluminum Building System
  7. genocache

    Sacramento to Salem - 3 nights to get there

    +1 or 80 to 395 and up.
  8. genocache

    Do I really need to bring extra gas?

    Series Land Rovers come with a 12 gal tank, under the right seat and petrol engines get 13-18mpg depending and diesels that get 15-20mpg. Death Valley has 600 miles of roads and 3 fuel stations centrally located, one of which does not sell diesel(or didn't last time I was there), it is easy to...
  9. genocache

    "What the FWOK? is that?"

    Love me some DIY projects too, what's that weigh though? Looks good for home, not so good to tote around on the road? Great idea on the horseshoes!
  10. genocache

    ATC Tool Roll - Need ideas please.

    Baby wipes, for all kinds of camping uses.
  11. genocache

    Help planning from Eugene to Yosemite following Sierra Nevada GPX

    Unless you have reason to go to Eugene, I'd stay along the coast and turn left after Big Sur. Lots of State and National parks, great views. You could turn left at Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd, camp along the old coast Rd if N-F is open.
  12. genocache

    Poll: When you camp, do you normally have cell service?

    I only got a cell phone 2 years ago, so no, not in 45 years.
  13. genocache

    Propane mounting options

    Did you do a search? How to carry propane tank
  14. genocache

    What are some options for good gas mileage in overlanding vehicles?

    Well my motorcycle gets 55mpg. 650 Vstrom, capable of some off roading. I've only done the occasional fire road so far.
  15. genocache

    Custom roof rack - need feedback!

    I can't tell what's going on in your drawing. How much weight can your bars hold? How much weight do you intend on putting on them? I made a custom rack, fully adjustable, low profile, from Super strut and gutter mounts from; Roof Racks — Gamiviti First part of the build; Land Rover 109...
  16. genocache

    Digital inclinometer

    What me worry?
  17. genocache

    Digital inclinometer

    IMHO fewer electronics is better. Stay old skool!
  18. genocache

    Small Propane Tank Selection and Storage Dilemma

    Nice fit! Whoda thunk? Did you drill drain holes?