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  1. DharmaBum

    Tailgate Capsule Tent Interesting concept design here. It is on sale right now for 299.99$. Any users out there able to provide feedback?
  2. DharmaBum

    New Member out of Long Beach/South Bay area

    Good day fellow OB compatriots, Been road tripping/camping out of my '18 Subaru Forester for the last 2+ years but would like to start getting further of highway and deeper into public lands. Trying to build up my [soft]road skills and push my rig/self further. Would love to meet up for some...
  3. DharmaBum

    FOR SALE Southern California: Lowepro camera backpack 60$- Local Pick Up Please

    Selling my Lowepro Gear backpack: 60$. Great bag with tons of storage for photo and/or film gear. Shows signs of wear but all the buckles, clips, and straps are intact; no frays or tears. Local pick up only: Long Beach, CA. Reach out on OfferUp: or reach out to me...
  4. DharmaBum

    Subaru Forester Build

    Hello all, I thought I’d start a build thread on my ‘18 Forester XT Premium (Stella). I figure this could provide inspiration along with insight on what other might do with their SJ Forester. Also I’m hopeful this will motivate me and hold me accountable to maintain momentum on my build. I’m...
  5. DharmaBum

    US Southwest Winter Road trip: TX to CA

    Helping a family member move to TX at the end of January. After which I will be driving back home from Houston to California. I wanted to take some time (6-7 days) to explore western TX, southern NM & AZ. I was thinking Big Bend Desert, White Sands NP, & I can't quite figure out AZ/ (Maybe...
  6. DharmaBum

    Overland Subaru Tool Kits

    Advice, insight & support for Subaru specific overland tool kits. Describe or share your setup. Give suggestions for others. Must have for our vehicles needs?
  7. DharmaBum

    US West Weekend Introduction to Cleveland National Forest: Trabuco District

    Hi there! Absolute Newb here, looking for some SoCal guidance. I'm trying to cut my teeth on a weekend exploratory mission through Cleveland National Forest's Trabuco district. Wanted to get out and start building up my experience with my vehicle (Subaru Forester) while exploring some local...